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The difference between iNET and other marketing companies in Milwaukee: we put your bottom line as our #1 priority. Not impressions. Not shares. Not touchpoints. No nonsense. We build websites that make you money. Period.

Milwaukee website development successes:

Milwaukee creative genius web design for maximum PROFITability

You'll be lucky if your run-of-the-mill Milwaukee web developer can handle even one of the following half as profitably as iNET.

  • User experience optimized website design
  • Thrilling front-end interactive development
  • Flawlessly executed programming
  • Seamless database integration & management
  • Sprawling ecommerce development
  • Brand defining copywriting
  • Search engine optimization

The best search engine optimization for Milwaukee businesses

iNET SEO is the difference between being on page one of Google and withering on page two. Everyone from house cleaners to lawyers relies on iNET SEO to stay on the first page of Google while the competition trails behind.

Do we do Pay-per-click? Emphatically, NO! Pay-per-click offers a terrible ROI for most clients. SEO is the difference between dozens of new leads every month and a phone that never rings.

The iNET difference

While hipster marketing firms in the Third Ward will try to convince you "social impressions” are the key to success, iNET offers proven money-making marketing solutions.

iNET just wants to make you money. Here, your budget is treated as though it were our own. Every hour of labor is accounted for and there's no waste. What’s the iNET difference? Profitability.


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The Pub Club
Milwaukee Small Business Website Design
Warshafsky Law Firm

Build a Serious Business Website

The first step to having a great website is having a great design. Templates may be cheap, but they won’t help your company stand out. iNET specializes in custom designs for your website based on your brand.

Google’s primary directive is “Ignore bad websites” and every year it gets stricter. When you pour “SEO” dollars into an amateur WordPress template website, you’re feather dusting a train wreck.

Look at our sites – look at them. Beautiful, fast-loading, easy to use, and they sell for you.

Ongoing SEO for Continued Results

Your website isn’t done when it goes online. If you don’t do anything to optimize your online presence, your site will quickly be overtaken by competitors. This is where iNET SEO services come in.

We keep your site up-to-date with modern, proven Search Engine Optimization techniques. We keep the content relevant to both search engines and customers. We keep you above and ahead of the competition.

Your content has to be easy for Google to index, and iNET has the in-depth, technical knowledge to keep little snags from losing you a lot of money.

Engineered to Make Money

iNET websites are all about making money. eCommerce platforms are the difference between $1,000 in monthly sales and $100,000 in monthly sales. Whether you're selling diapers or plasma cutters, ecommerce is the best way to offer your products to customers.

Our clients have literally made millions when they combined SEO and ecommerce. A powerful ecommerce platform is like having another storefront--one that's open 24/7 and requires no employees. eCommerce websites from iNET have catapulted all kinds of traditional businesses into the 21st century.

Radio – A Forgotten Powerhouse

We don’t do radio because it’s an exciting new technology… it’s not. We do radio because it makes our clients rich.

Radio might not seem like a natural partner to online marketing, but it is far more important than you think. Every single day, thousands of commuters listen to the radio. What better opportunity to spread your company name?

The direct benefits of iNET radio are described on the radio marketing page. As for SEO, nothing gets Google to like your site more than a flock of customers looking you up. User interest is incredibly important to search rankings.


Warshafsky 839 N. Jefferson St. #300 Milwaukee, WI 53202 Personal Injury Law Firm Website Design
Brass Light Gallery 1101 West St. Paul Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53233 Commercial & Residential Lighting Manufacturer Website Design
Ike Bites 4425 W. Woolworth Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53218 Dog treats Website Design
JEL Manufacturing 3073 S. Chase Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207 Concrete Plant Construction Website Design
Silver King Charters E Lafayette Hill Rd Milwaukee, WI 53202 Charter Fishing Service Website Design
Wisco Kitchen Mart 3601 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208 Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler Website Design
Active Property Maintenance 3510 W. St. Paul Milwaukee, WI 53208 Property Maintenance Website Design
Kehrs Candy 400 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 Candy and Chocolatier Website Design
James Craig 12229 W. North Ave #4 Milwaukee, WI 53226 Housing Contractor Website Design
Powers Jewelry 301 East Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202 Jeweler Website Design
D & M Heating & Air Conditioning 4227 S. 13th St. Milwaukee, WI 53221 HVAC Contractor and Supplier Website Design
Allis Tool & Machine Corp 647 S. 94th Pl. Milwaukee, WI 53214 CNC Machine Shop Website Design
O’brien’s Pub 4928 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee, WI 53208 Irish Pub Website Design
Cornell 7915 North 81st. Street Milwaukee, WI 53223 Emergency & Staff Communication Systems Website Design
Aims Power 235 West Oklahoma Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207 Power Systems Website Design
Cardinal Fab 2021 S. Lenox St. Milwaukee, WI 53207 Metal Fabricator Website Design
The Pub Club 1103 N. Old World 3rd St. Milwaukee, WI 53203 Restaurant & Bar Website Design
Tripoli Shrine Center 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208 Event Center Website Design
Eagle Enterprises 333 N. 121st St. Milwaukee, WI 53226 Janitorial Services Website Design
Advanced Foot & Ankle 4931 S. 27th Street Milwaukee, WI 53221 Podiatrists Website Design
Lincoln Contractor Supply 11111 W. Hayes Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53227 Contractor Equipment Rental Website Design
Direct Drive Logistics 11122 W. Rogers St. Milwaukee, WI 53227 Logistics Website Design
Sign Group 8667 N 107th St. Milwaukee, WI 53224 Custom Sign Manufacturer Website Design
Angermeier & Rogers 401 East Kilbourn, Suite 400 Milwaukee, WI 53202 Attorney - Estate Planning Website Design
Giersch Group 1661 N Water St. Ste. 408 Milwaukee, WI 53202 Bookkeeping & Consulting Website Design


Creative Genius Marketing® -

Creative is an intangible. There aren’t many great creatives in radio. In branding there are less. In strategizing there are even less. Most companies have no BRAND. The products and services are amazing, the businesses are often brilliant. There is just nothing for consumers to grab and buckle themselves into. The web sites are also no influence in creating the brand, brand strategy, ad concept or ads.

iNET creative has dozens of mind traps and hooks. Duplicitous meanings and meanings left for the listener to decipher or wonder at. While these traps can get a listener stuck in a thought midstream over two, three, twenty exposures they force acceptance of the message and action. When they discover the hidden hooks listeners feel like insiders, part of the story and part of the brand.

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