Cedarburg Creek Farm

Pumpkin patches, a corn maze, and petting zoo all make Cedarburg Creek Farm the place to visit during the holidays. iNET-Web made their new website to show off their fun activities to families across Wisconsin.

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Cedarburg Creek Farm

Cedarburg Creek Farm is a small family-owned pumpkin farm in Cedarburg, WI. It provides fun, affordable fall activities, including a pick-it-yourself pumpkin patch, free hayrides, corn mazes, a barnyard petting zoo and musical entertainment. In 2016, the owners of Cedarburg Creek Farm enlisted iNET-Web to create a newer, search engine optimized website to market their farm to more potential customers throughout southeastern Wisconsin.  

Website Dilemmas

The owners of Cedarburg Creek Farm had put together a DIY website for their pumpkin farm in 2013.  Unfortunately, it was a template-based site with flawed programming, a non-user friendly layout and no optimized content. Few people visited the site. Since Cedarburg Creek Farm is a small family-owned business offering mostly seasonal services, attracting new customers through the website was vital to their livelihood.

Technology Implemented

Responsive Web Design – Search Engine Optimization – HTML – CSS – Graphic Design - Copywriting


Thanks to the expert web developers at iNET, Cedarburg Creek Farm now has a new, beautifully designed website. With a gorgeously unique, user-friendly site layout, optimized content and hi-res photos featuring their beautiful pumpkin farm, Cedarburg Creek Farm's new website recorded 20,000 hits one fall month shortly after the site went live.

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