The words on a website help define it to search engines. We’re not saying the below terms are bait for the probabilistically likely queries around Web Development and Marketing as they pertain to Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeastern Wisconsin- oh wait, yes we are.


Website Designs with Accessibility

Website Design AccessibilityBasically, this is the ability of a website to be used by people with disabilities, including visually impaired visitors using screen readers, hearing impaired visitors using no sound, color blind people, or those with other disabilities. A website with low accessibility is basically going to be impossible for those with disabilities to use. Accessibility is particularly important for sites providing information to those with disabilities, though it is an important aspect to consider when designing any site.

Contact Milwaukee's leading website developers today for more information on a website design with accessibility.

Adobe After Effects CC 2016 Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software

Video EditingAdobe After Effects® is widely recognized as the industry’s leading website design software for creating sophisticated motion graphics and brilliant cinematic visual effects. iNET has invested in this software to ensure we can give our clients every edge possible in their online branding efforts. Of course, it takes more than video cameras and editing software.

The best software and equipment in the world is useless without people who know what to do with it. Our Milwaukee website development company employs talented video production specialists who are miles ahead of the competition. In addition to website walk-out videos and online videos that keep potential customers on your website longer, we also produce videos for trade show booths, multimedia presentations and product demos. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Contact our Milwaukee website design and development firm for comprehensive video production and editing services.

B2B And B2C Systems

B2B and B2C SystemsBusiness to business (B2B) sales programs are based on managing supply chains for companies. B2B programs allow for businesses to deal directly with their suppliers and distributors through an interconnected system. This interconnected system provides increased ease in placing orders, making payments and sending invoices back and forth.

A business to client (B2C) sales program allows for distributors and companies to sell products directly to their customers. A large scale example of this is Amazon, which sells and ships products straight to their customers.

The capability to interact with and order from other businesses in a quick and secure manner makes for easier transactions and saves your business time and effort. The web development professionals at iNET Web have just the skills necessary to provide you with them.

Contact our Milwaukee website development professionals to learn more about our custom B2B/B2C programs.

Booking System

Website Designs with Online Scheduling Systems for Event Booking, Reservations, Appointments, and Availability

Booking SystemA booking system allows users to see your availability, schedule appointments, or make reservations right from your website. An interactive calendar shows users your available dates and times for them to choose from.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get appointment requests and schedule them yourself, your website could have a booking form. Users will submit their availability or preferred dates and times; you get back to them and schedule the appointment or reservation. Easy peasy.

See also: Event Calendar

Contact our Milwaukee web development team for an online booking system.

Brand Development

Creative Genius Inspired Branding

Website BrandingBrand development takes your company from just another no-name service provider to a well-recognized, reputable local business. Think of a leading company in a major industry. What's the first thing that comes mind? Probably their slogan! There are countless examples of just how powerful a great slogan can be: "Just do it." "Keeps Going and Going and Going." "Finger Lickin' Good." You know instantly who these companies are by their slogan. No doubt, a good branding slogan works.

iNET has the ability to get inside the minds of potential customers and understand what resonates with them. In addition to developing the language of your brand, we can also develop a unique look. We have created custom logos for hundreds of businesses throughout Wisconsin and beyond. 

Contact our Milwaukee website development team to learn more about our branding, logo design and website development.

CMS (Content Management System) Overview

Control of Your Website Content

Content Management SystemOne of the most important aspects of having a successful website is keeping your content fresh and up-to-date. Adding new content to websites used to be an issue. You either had to wait on your website developer or you had to learn website editing and programming software to get it done correctly. Both of these situations were more of a headache than a solution, so many websites simply didn’t update content as often as they should.

Today, though, is a different day. The Milwaukee website development team at iNET Web knows content management is of the utmost importance to our customers, so we have built and designed a custom website editing program for our customers. The program, called Genesis, allows for an incredible level of content control and is easy to learn.

Having such control over your website allows for better website management and peace-of-mind.

Contact the Milwaukee website development team at iNET Web today to learn how to manage the content of your website the way you want, and when you want.


Web Design with Content Writing Services

iNET’s copywriters write content for our clients’ websites, including:

  • Content for main pages (Home, About, Contact, etc.)
  • Product descriptions
  • Service pages
  • Articles

The goals of this content are to inform users about your business and get them to take action (such as contact you or buy something). Copywriting overlaps a bit with search engine optimization (SEO) by helping tell search engines like Google what your website is about.

Contact iNET’s Milwaukee website developers for professional copywriting services.

Custom ERM & CRM System Integration

CRM and ERM Software

Customer Relations Management SystemAn ERM system is used to track the information and activity of the various departments of your company with one central database. Everything from finance, accounting and payroll up to inventory, delivery and item procurement (and much more) can be collected and tracked in an ERM database. The input of information comes from your employees and the ability to look up anything at any time makes for smoother and simpler communication between departments and business locations.

Another important factor in this process is the inclusion of a CRM (Customer Relations Management) system. A CRM system is used to catalogue and store information on past, current and potential clients so as to build better relations with them. Coupling an ERM and CRM system makes for a powerful management tool that can provide continuous growth and improvement for your business.

The professional Milwaukee website database and development team at iNET Web can design and build an ERM/CRM system specifically for your business and your needs. iNET Web systems provide the management tools and database options necessary for ensuring the success and improving the manageability of your business.

Contact the Milwaukee website development and website database team at iNET Web today to discuss streamlining your business, managing your resources effectively and improving your customer relations.

Custom .NET Website Programming

.NET Framework and Classic ASP

Website ProgrammingThe .NET Framework is a necessary tool for applications or programs that run on Windows and is used for building visually appealing and highly interactive programs and applications for use with websites. The .NET Framework also allows for seamless and secure communication between different programs on web pages, also known as interoperability.

Our custom application and software development specialists at iNET Web have years of experience using both .NET Framework and Classic ASP building impressive and easily navigated websites and applications. All our websites are custom-built. We never use templates or pre-built sites like other Milwaukee web development companies.

Contact our Milwaukee Website Development firm to give your business the web marketing platform makeover it needs for a profitable future.

Custom ASP Website Programming

ASP Software

Website ApplicationsMicrosoft ASP (active server pages) is a server-side execution program language that allows for the creation of impressive and highly interactive web server applications through the use of ActiveX scripts and ActiveX server components. By combining the two ActiveX programs, the website applications and custom website development professionals at iNET Web can create powerful and dynamic website applications and programs.

Classic ASP allows for the combination of HTML pages, script commands and .com components to create visually appealing and creative websites and website applications. ASP is also often combined with the .NET framework system to create robust pages that can handle multiple programs and interactive menus. The website design and custom website software creation specialists at iNET Web use ASP to design, create and implement any form of website to suit a customer’s requests.

Contact the creative genius Milwaukee website developers for a dynamic, visually compelling website.

Custom Flash Websites from Milwaukee Website Designers

Customized Website Flash Animation

Custom Website ServicesIn today’s web market, a static website is outdated and boring. Web surfers have become more sophisticated, preferring innovative and visually-appealing websites. A page with simple colors and design screams "amateur" and will drive customers away without a second thought. Adding features such as Adobe Flash makes for an instantly more attractive and immersive website experience.

The professional Milwaukee computer programmers and website designers at iNET Web seamlessly integrate Flash technology to add eye-catching movement and animation to your website. Our Milwaukee website designers understand the profound effect visual interest can have on their business to viewers in a creative and compelling manner. Flash also allows for the use of streaming video. In this fast-paced world, website visitors aren't going to wait for a bulky video file to download. iNET Web's video production team offers faster and more user-friendly website video capabilities with Flash animation and streaming videos captivate and engage website visitors as soon as they reach your website.

To learn more about customized website services and creative marketing solutions, contact iNET Web now.

Custom Logo Design

Logos Build a Brand

Custom Logo DesignA recognizable logo is one of the most important tools a successful company can possess. Whether it’s McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s “swoosh” symbol or Apple’s apple logo, you know exactly who made the product without having to read a word. This is our goal with every logo we design.

A unique, memorable logo adds market legitimacy while aiding in building your brand. When you work with our Milwaukee graphic designers and website developers, you can be assured of an appealing and creative design that perfectly reflects your company.

Contact the Milwaukee graphic design professionals at iNET Web today to learn more about our logo design process and how we can help your business succeed.

Ecommerce Platform Development

Ecommerce Website Builders

Ecommerce Platform DevelopmentA shopping cart is a software program that allows your customers to place single or multiple items into a list for purchase. The cart automatically calculates the cost, shipping and handling charges and creates a total for your customers' convenience.

iNET Web has created a proprietary shopping cart system, called GenCart, that is specifically written to appeal to search engine optimization needs and to raise the ranking of products on your website, something other plug-in shopping cart programs simply do not do.

When our well-designed and secure shopping cart programs are paired with our Ecommerce platforms, online shopping becomes easy, quick and safe for your customers. The website programming specialists at iNET Web can work with you to create shopping carts specific to your company and the products you sell.

Contact our Milwaukee website developers to learn more about getting a fully e-commerce enabled custom website for your business.

Ecommerce Systems

Online Sales Platforms Increase Profitability

Ecommerce SystemsWith integrated shopping cart systems, secure gateways and powerful Ecommerce programs, your business will grow and expand in ways you never dreamed possible.

INET Web's Milwaukee website development team has years of experience designing, creating and structuring Ecommerce platforms for businesses of all types. Whether your business is based entirely on internet sales or you only make a few online sales each month, iNET Web will create an Ecommerce system which that will enhance user experience and boost your business. A custom database and shopping cart development ensures the information in your product listings is recognized and important to major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Contact our talented Milwaukee website designers and developers today and find out how we can measurably improve your business and sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing ServicesEmail marketing uses email to promote your business to prospective customers. Hundreds of small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin depend  on email marketing campaigns for their business. Email marketing is an effective way to organically grow your email client list. Website features like "tell a friend" or "sign up for our newsletter" provide your customers with the opportunity to develop a relationship with your brand and encourage others to give you a try.

Whether you're sending an email newsletter to a dozen loyal subscribers or promoting a sale to thousands, we make your email marketing simple so you can do what you do best. We can custom develop your newsletter or a simple email template to tie in neatly with all your branding. With iNET, email marketing is simple because we do the work for you. And unlike template email programs, you have real people here at iNET supporting you and helping you get your email out.

Contact the expert Milwaukee design team at iNET Web for more information on our email marketing services or website design and development.

Event Calendar

Web Designs with a Schedule of Events at Your Location

An up-to-date calendar on your business’ website keeps users informed of important events at your business or attended by your business, such as:

  • Availability or variable business hours
  • Sale/clearance events
  • Trade shows in your industry
  • Performances at your venue
  • Fundraising events your business is hosting or attending
  • Local events related to your business

Make your calendar do whatever you need it to—iNET builds custom event calendar modules for our clients’ websites.

See also: Booking System

Contact iNET’s Milwaukee web developers for a site with an event calendar.

Gateways and Merchant Processing

Ecommerce Gateway

Gateway and Merchant ProcessingThe internet has revolutionized the way products and services are sold. With the explosion of online business in the past decade, it’s no wonder so many businesses are focusing on their online presence. Whether you spell it as Ecommerce, ecommerce or e-commerce, the meaning is all the same: selling your product or service via the internet in the easiest and most manageable way possible.

An Ecommerce gateway is an application that authorizes payment for e-businesses, online retailers and companies that do both storefront and online sales (“brick and click” businesses). A gateway encrypts sensitive information such as names, addresses and credit card numbers, providing protection for both you and your customers.

Contact our Milwaukee website development team today to give your website the edge it needs for a profitable future.

Green Screen Video Production

Green Screen Effects

Milwaukee Green Screen Video ProductionsGreen screen video production (chroma key) is a technique for layering two images together.  A color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing another image behind. The chroma keying technique is commonly used in website video production and post-production. This technique is also referred to as color keying and color-separation overlay.

Green screen is commonly used for weather forecast broadcasts. The local meteorologist appears to be standing in front of a large map, but in the television studio it's actually a large green background he's standing in front of. Chroma keying is also used in the entertainment industry in creating special effects. At iNET, our professional video production staff often uses green screen technology to help iNET clients stand out on the Internet.

Contact our Milwaukee web development team for more information on our video production and website design capabilities.

HTML 5 Development

HTML 5 Developers

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, has been the basic building block of the internet since its inception in the early 1990s. Today, websites are more robust and complicated than ever, requiring new technology that allows for greater functionality and increased user ease.

HTML5 is the latest and most extensive form of the HTML line. With more accessibility and control, HTML5 offers greater capability with multimedia, website development and content management. The programmers and web designers at iNET Web are well-versed in the uses and applications of HTML5 and will create a website that will do anything and everything you could ever want.

Contact our creative genius Milwaukee HTML 5 developers today to reinvigorate your existing site or create a new one. 

Logo Design and Branding Services

Branding with Logo Design

In business, as in life, first impressions are crucial to establishing positive relationships. And the first impression most potential clients get is from your logo and company branding. The effort to present yourself as a professional and reputable business begins, and often ends, with your logo.

A logo design should accurately reflects your company’s image and values. Not only should your logo feel right, it should be unique and stand out from competitors.

INET Web has a long history of taking in new clients who lack branding or marketing appeal and turning them into wildly profitable businesses. From bold, evocative images to calm, subdued logos, iNET Web’s graphic design team will blow your expectations out of the water. Our creative geniuses consistently deliver profit-generating websites and memorable logos that make our clients money. Let us do the same for you.

Contact our Milwaukee graphic designers today to learn how our logo design and branding will deliver the measurable results for your business.

Long Tail Keywords

Websites Designed to Win for More Specific Keywords

First, a short tail keyword is a general word or phrase a user might type into Google. A long tail keyword is a much more specific phrase. For example, pizza could be a short tail keyword, whereas where to get stuffed crust Hawaiian pizza in Milwaukee is a long tail keyword.

While short tail keywords are searched more often, users typing in specific long tail keywords are usually ready to buy. Our SEO experts research long tail keywords related to your business (products, services, industry, etc.) and optimize your site accordingly. Winning for a variety of long tail keywords will get your website a LOT more traffic and leads than trying to win for pizza.

See also: Search Rankings

Contact iNET’s SEO experts and get a website optimized for long tail keywords.

Membership System

Website Designs with Member Accounts

With a membership system on your website, users can create accounts and login to the client area to place orders, view their transaction history, or access members-only or password-protected pages.

iNET’s expert web developers ensure your site’s membership system is secure to protect your customers and your business.

Contact Milwaukee’s top web designers for a site with a membership system.

Microsoft Access Database Custom Development

Microsoft Access

When it comes to simple, easily used and understood database programs, Microsoft Access is the database. Businesses both large and small use Access because of its reliability, ease of use and its ability to be programmed by normal computer users. Whether you’re simply entering data a few times a week or constantly entering information for daily, weekly or monthly reports, Access provides a simple and effective method for business management.

The website database development team at iNET Web can use Access to build a functional and highly usable database for any business. While a database built with Access won’t be as powerful or versatile as one designed and created with SQL/MySQL, it does offer a level of comfort and recognition some customers prefer. iNET Web also offers data transfer and database updating if your business uses an older form of Access, or if you want more function and applications within your existing database.

Contact the website database development team at iNET Web to ask about our creative design process and how we can and will build a user-friendly database for your business.

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Web Design

This expansion in technology has allowed for a great variation in the way people access the internet. From the iPhone, Windows phone 7 and Android operating systems to PSP’s, iPads and other tablets, the Internet is now something people can take with them just about anywhere. In this incredible technological boom, a custom designed website optimized for mobile internet users is critical to expanding your business.

The website developers at iNET Web can take your existing site and reformat the code for a mobile platform, or create a mobile responsive website specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Either way, the creative team at iNET Web will bring your website in to the mobile age.

Contact our Milwaukee website developers for more details on mobile website development for your business.

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting search engines to find your website without having to pay them for higher placement. Through the use of proper ("white hat") SEO tactics, custom programming and expert website development, our Milwaukee web development professionals can make your website rank number one for any term you choose.

The lock on remaining relevant to the major search engines is most easily achieved by adding fresh content and information to your site and then “maximizing” its value on a regular basis. Whether you’re adding new content daily, weekly or monthly, it raises your ranking with search engines by giving your site greater "authority" as a valuable resource. Of course, this new content has to be relevant to your business, not just random postings that try to use certain keywords over and over again. This is considered "black hat" SEO, and most search engines now penalize websites full of jargon-laden gobbledygook.

Contact our Milwaukee SEO specialists for organic SEO work that takes your business to the top of search engine rankings.

Payment Processing

Web Designs with Ecommerce/Online Ordering

Milwaukee Web Design with Online OrderingWebsites with secure payment processing allow users to shop online and place orders. iNET’s web developers design custom data bases and shopping carts for ecommerce sites, whether the business is entirely online or only sees the occasional online sale. Want to offer online payment options for your services or accept online donations for your cause? We build secure, custom payment processing systems for every type of business.

Contact iNET’s Milwaukee web designers for a site with secure payment processing.

Pay-Per-Click vs Organic SEO

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a proven way to make a website in search engine results. In the world of web development, the most commonly taken shortcut is a Google program called Pay-per-Click (PPC for short). With Pay-per-Click, advertisers place bids on specific commonly searched keywords relevant to their target audience to get higher rankings. Google's PPC program can and will guarantee high placement on search engines. Pay-per-Click results are immediate and will bring targeted traffic to your web site. But it comes at an enormous cost. And like anything that brings immediate gratification, it's short lived.

The SEO specialists at iNET have catapulted numerous websites to the top of search engine results pages using organic, "white hat" SEO practices. Unlike Pay-per-Click results, the results we achieve are lasting.

Contact our Milwaukee SEO specialists for more details on how organic SEO can improve your website's ranking.

Print Advertising

Creative Print Ads

Print advertising includes everything from ads in magazines and newspapers to brochures and business cards. Even large scale printed pieces like billboards can be considered print advertising.

In the digital era, it may seem as though print is no longer relevant. Not true. Even though we are web development company, we realize print advertising occupies a unique niche and there will be times our clients need a printed piece. No problem. From simple flyers and instruction sheets to complex brochures and large scale posters,  iNET will deliver. We take great pride in our work and, more importantly, in the success of our clients.

Contact our Milwaukee website developers for more information on our printed media capabilities.

Radio Commercial Production

Milwaukee Radio Marketing

Milwaukee Radio Commercial ProductionA great radio commercial is the perfect companion to a great website. When done right, radio reaches out and puts a bug in the listener's ear. It intrigues, it impresses, it reminds and, most of all, it drives potential customers to your website and to your door.

MILWAUKEE RADIO ADVERTISING Build a brand. Sing it loud. Make $$.

As full service marketing specialists, iNET-Web also places local radio ads. Because we buy so much radio time, we get far better rates than you would on your own. You can start with a minimal investment in radio when you work with iNET. Combined with a website, you'll start seeing results quickly and line your pockets with cash.

Contact iNET in Waukesha, Wisconsin for a quote on Creative Genius radio advertising - and a profitable website to pair with it.

Responsive Design

Websites with Mobile Responsive Designs for All Sizes of Tablets and Smartphones

Responsive DesignResponsive design refers to a website with multiple built-in designs so it will look good on any device: all sizes of desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This is essential for both users and search engines. Google penalizes sites if they aren’t mobile-friendly.

Click and drag either side of this window to see an example of a responsive design. As the window gets narrower, the text doesn’t shrink down to unreadable sizes or run off the right side of the page. The website adjusts to the size of the window so it’s easy to use and read no matter what device you’re on.

Contact Milwaukee’s top web developers for a custom mobile responsive website.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses several online marketing methods, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click advertising. SEM utilizes search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! (but mostly Google) to convert web surfers into paying customers. SEO is nearly always more effective and profitable than Pay-Per-Click, producing more lasting results and valuable web traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of strategically incorporating commonly searched industry terms within a website to maximize organic search engine visibility and organic search engine results. Without effective SEO, your website will never rank high enough on search engine results pages for audiences to even find your business. With how frequently search engine algorithms change and evolve, you need an experienced SEO expert to keep your business on the first page of organic search engine results.

Contact the top Milwaukee SEO specialists today to learn more about our creative genius inspired Search Engine Marketing.

Search Rankings

Improve Your Site’s Rankings with Ongoing SEO

Search rankings refers to how high your site comes up in search results for specific keywords. If your website is the first search result for Milwaukee burger joint, your rank for that keyword phrase is #1.

One of the goals of SEO is to get your site ranking #1 for all your most important keywords and locations. iNET’s SEO experts track your website’s rankings to analyze which keywords are trending toward and staying at the top of SERPs and which still need some work to get there.

It’s important to understand that the ranking number is not absolute. Every search is different depending on the user’s location, previous searches, and other factors. Plus there are many other words and phrases users type in to reach your site (long-tail keywords)—we only track the most important ones. Rank tracking is simply a technique to see generally how well the site is doing for specific keywords.

See also: SERPs, Long-Tail Keywords

Contact iNET’s SEO experts to start improving your website’s search rankings.

SEO Strategies and Practices

SEO Techniques

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the use of content and behind-the-scenes cues that tell search engines (like Google and Bing) that your website is valuable and should get to the top of SERPs. Millions of people use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing every day to find products and services. 90% of these users will click on the first link they see without even reading through the list provided. Will your website be at the top of that list, or will it be your competitor's?

Search engines are always changing their algorithms to deliver more accurate results, which means SEO is an ongoing and ever-changing process. INET Web's Milwaukee SEO specialists are constantly researching and cataloging new search trends utilizing this information to update and tweak your website thus measurably increasing your web presence.

To propel your business to the top of organic search engine results, contact our Milwaukee SEO specialists today.


Search Engine Results Pages

When you type something into Google or another search engine, the pages of relevant websites are known as SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. Simple enough, right?

What gets complicated is getting your website to the top of SERPs—the first result users see. That’s where iNET comes in. Our SEO experts ensure your site is sending all the right signals to Google and climbing the ranks toward the top of the results. The higher your site gets, the more people click, and the more business you get.

See also: Search Rankings

Contact iNET’s web developers to start the climb toward the top of SERPs.

Server Colocation Service

Colocation Hosting Services

Colocation is placing your business, commerce or web server in on our secure Network Operations Center. The web server is still yours to control and interact with, but the professional staff at iNET Web takes the responsibility of maintaining the server’s connection to the internet. An added benefit is that in an emergency situation, our experts respond immediately with the hardware and expertise to handle any situation.

By placing your server with iNET, you will also have access to far more bandwidth and power than you would on your own--and at a better price. You reap the benefit of tens of thousands dollars worth of server security infrastructure and the expertise to keep it running, without having to make that investment yourself.

Contact our Milwaukee web development and hosting specialists for more information on server colocation and website hosting.

Spam-Filtering Email Service

Email Protection Services

Our spam filtered email system also protects your organization’s reputation by using content inspection software on both incoming and outgoing emails, filtering out any inappropriate emails. On top of this, the firewall system can also inspect all outgoing messages for confidential or sensitive information, stopping intentional or accidental information leaks before they become a problem.

We provide a powerful and easy-to-use spam and virus firewall that completely protects your organization's email structure. Our spam and virus firewall system eliminates spam and email viruses, stopping these potential threats from even making it to your email inbox. With the ability to handle 100,000 separate email accounts at once, quickly mastered administrative control options and hourly updates of virus and spam definitions, iNET’s spam and virus firewall is the perfect tool for ensuring the safety and security of your company email system.

Contact our Milwaukee website professionals for more information about our spam-filtering email service.

SQL and MySQL Custom Database Development

Custom Databases

SQL and MySQL Custom Database DevelopmentiNET Web builds high-performance databases with remarkably productive architecture which enables well-managed indexing, queries and transactions, as well as data clustering, load balancing and caching. iNET Web doesn’t use template website designs or pre-existing models, all our databases are custom-designed and built to enhance usability and conform to the specific aspects of your business. The website development team at iNET primarily uses SQL as our custom database programming language, providing you an unlimited number of options for designing and creating a highly functional and powerful database for your business.

Contact the website database development team at iNET Web today for more information about our custom database capabilities.

Trade Show Materials

Trade Show Design

Preparing for trade shows is always stressful. You know you need display boards, banners, flyers, brochures, maybe a nifty promotional item, and--of course--plenty of business cards. The problem is getting everything coordinated.

When you have iNET's professional Milwaukee graphic design and marketing team behind you, the stress and hassle instantly disappears. We'll take your brand and develop a theme across all touchpoints--from the business cards you hand out to the enormous banner hanging above your booth. In addition to all the printed material needed to make a great impression at a trade show, iNET can also work with you to develop a video for your booth. Having a professional quality video playing in your booth not only lures attendees into your booth, it also keeps them interested when your trade show staff is occupied with other visitors.

Contact our Milwaukee web design and development firm for more information on our trade show materials services.

Web Design and Development

Websites Engineered For Success

INET Web's Milwaukee website designers and developers work collaboratively to create visually engaging, user-friendly websites for a variety of businesses and industries. We build sites that load quickly, work properly and provide visitors ample reason to stay and learn more about your business. Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for you to update your site as needed, and by contracting with iNET for monthly SEO work you'll see your website steadily rise in search engine results.

iNET Web has designed countless one-of-a-kind websites for businesses all over the country. We have the creativity, skills and industry knowledge to increase your sales and your profitability. We've done it for hundreds of other businesses, we can do it for yours. 

Contact our Milwaukee web development team to learn how we can deliver more profit for your business.

Website Design Creative Process

Customized Websites

Website Design Creative ProcessYour website production begins with our unique creative process. Our Milwaukee website marketing specialists analyze your business and customer base to determine the right visual approach for marketing your business online. iNET Web is there from initial website build or redesign through the day your website goes live to ensure your expectations for your new site are fully met (or exceeded!).

So many websites today are stuck in an outdated and unattractive template with zero creative design appeal, which makes people who find the website flee as quickly as they arrived. Having designed and constructed more websites than any other website design and development firm in Wisconsin, we have the knowledge and experience to know what visual cues capture the interest and attention of active web surfers. Something as simple as developing a strategic plan for how the site design will drive customers to complete the sale is a core aspect of every iNET website. Creative visual appeal and best business practices integrated into your website design results in increased marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

To learn more about our comprehensive website services and creative marketing solutions, contact our Milwaukee website design and development company.

Website Hosting Services

Web Hosting & Domain Names

Website hosting is the term for maintaining the computer hardware needed to keep a website online. For most small businesses, the costs of purchasing and maintaining this equipment is impractical, so they contract with a firm that specializes in hosting websites.

Making sure your website is up and running when prospective customers want to access it is probably the most important part of having a website. This is why you hire a web hosting service. iNET's Milwaukee website hosting professionals will see to it your website is  always accessible. From simple sites to multi-page, video-heavy sites, iNET has the technology to ensure your site functions seamlessly. The professional hosting and server maintenance staff at iNET Web handles inter-networking, web server management and internet security. We make sure your site is running smoothly 24/7, and our multiple backup power sources ensure your website is up and running even if the power goes out at our secure server site.

Contact iNET Web for more information on web hosting services for business.

Sometimes we talk fast and use terms not everyone knows. Understand what you're getting out of your internet marketing with our helpful glossary.

Creative Genius Marketing® -

Creative is an intangible. There aren’t many great creatives in radio. In branding there are less. In strategizing there are even less. Most companies have no BRAND. The products and services are amazing, the businesses are often brilliant. There is just nothing for consumers to grab and buckle themselves into. The web sites are also no influence in creating the brand, brand strategy, ad concept or ads.

iNET creative has dozens of mind traps and hooks. Duplicitous meanings and meanings left for the listener to decipher or wonder at. While these traps can get a listener stuck in a thought midstream over two, three, twenty exposures they force acceptance of the message and action. When they discover the hidden hooks listeners feel like insiders, part of the story and part of the brand.