DogsInVests is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to kids with autism. They were seeking a more effective way to gain community outreach through donations and trainers. iNET provided them with a platform where they could do just that. 

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A huge way to garner community outreach is through online platforms. People don’t spend as much time sitting on their computers at home, now it’s all about what kind of information phones can provide you with. DogsInVests now has a 100% mobile responsive website thanks to iNET.


Without an effective SEO strategy, it’s hard to find certain websites in search engines unless you know the exact website you’re looking for. Unique keyword-rich content was crafted for the site so their organization would appear among similar queries users search for.


While DogsInVests' original website had some decent content for users to read, it was lacking some key components that would engage readers. iNET’s copywriters were tasked with revamping the content using SEO best practices and new organizational forms. 

Custom Programming

Before DogsInVests came to iNET for our custom design and coding, their initial website lacked uniqueness. The content was arranged in a bland manner and there was a sufficient lack of imagery for what they were “selling”: DOGS!

Milwaukee web marketing for Dogs In VestsMilwaukee web marketing for Dogs In Vests

DogsInVest Web Marketing Design

DogsInVests is a non-profit organization looking for assistance in getting service dogs for kids with autism. Anyone can be a part of this great cause by raising a puppy, donating money or donating supplies. Parents with children with autism can also access the website to get a service dog for their child.

Website Dilemmas

DogsInVests came to iNET with a bland website that didn’t really emphasize the importance of their organization. There was a lack of descriptive, informative content and quality imagery across the site. They needed a way to really draw in a community of people to help. What better way to do that than incentivizing them with a handful of cute puppies they could potentially help train to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Technology Implemented

Search Engine Optimization – HTML – Graphic Design – Copywriting – Mobile Responsive Design


iNET transformed DogsInVests' old website into a new platform for a well-organized, fun user experience. New users can quickly find ways to assist the organization with interactive call to action buttons for donating, applying to raise a pup or applying to get a service dog. The new site is also filled with informative content telling you everything you need to know about the organization, what they do, and how you can help. The new site navigation makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, increasing qualified leads for the organization.

With an effective SEO strategy, this non-profit is quickly making its appearance in search engines for Wisconsin queries related to puppy raising, dogs for kids with autism and service dogs for autism charity. Your organization could benefit from our SEO best practices too. 

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