Based in Palmyra, Dogs In Vests provides the best-trained service dogs for children with autism. Dogs In Vests began with a dream to help children become more independent. They quickly discovered there is a largely underserved portion of our population with special needs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 54 million Americans have a disability, with ⅔ of these disabilities severely hindering everyday life. They knew they had to help.

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A huge way to garner community outreach is through online platforms. People don’t spend as much time sitting on their computers at home, now it’s all about what kind of information phones can provide you with. DogsInVests now has a 100% mobile responsive website thanks to iNET.


Without an effective SEO strategy, it’s hard to find certain websites in search engines unless you know the exact website you’re looking for. Unique keyword-rich content was crafted for the site so their organization would appear among similar queries users search for.


While DogsInVests' original website had some decent content for users to read, it was lacking some key components that would engage readers. iNET’s copywriters were tasked with revamping the content using SEO best practices and new organizational forms. 

Custom Programming

Before DogsInVests came to iNET for our custom design and coding, their initial website lacked uniqueness. The content was arranged in a bland manner and there was a sufficient lack of imagery for what they were “selling”: DOGS!

Milwaukee web marketing for Dogs In VestsMilwaukee web marketing for Dogs In Vests


Core Services

  1. Autism Service Dogs
  2. Volunteer Puppy Raising


Dogs in Vests

W383 Carlin Trail
Palmyra, WI 53156
(262) 495-2766


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