Milwaukee Police Historical Society

What’s the best way to preserve the history of a police department for future generations and make it more accessible to the general public? Put it online, of course! Which is exactly why the Milwaukee Police Historical Society came to iNET Web.

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Milwaukee Police Historical Society

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With so many people accessing the internet on cell phones and tablets, a mobile responsive website has become essential. Our programmers build sites that display perfectly on all types of mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. A mobile responsive design was particularly essential in this case due to the Society's plan for a smart phone app that will tell the stories of all the department's police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. 


Having a great story to tell is one thing. Putting it into words for people to read online is something else. That’s where iNET-Web’s copywriters come in. In addition to cleaning up old content on the site, iNET Web writers also created content for new pages that were added to the site. 

Custom Programming

Unlike web developers who only offer a choice of pre-fab templates for your website, iNET-Web builds every website from the ground up. They not only look great, they have a user-friendly interface and work flawlessly--particularly for online ordering and payment. The new Milwaukee Police Historical Society website is a perfect example.

MPHS Website Designed by iNET


Milwaukee Police Historical Society

The mission of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society is to preserve and retain the long and unique history of the department, as well as to honor those who have served the Department and the citizens of Milwaukee. In addition to archiving historical documents and memorabilia, MPHS also raises money to acquire items of historical interest to the department and to fund their operation.

Website Dilemma

MPHS had a website built by iNET several years ago. They came back to us for a redesign of their site and a mobile responsive conversion (which enables the site to display properly on cell phones and other mobile devices). They also wanted a more coherent page for online donations, a way to showcase their sponsors more visibly, and a section for archiving annual reports dating back to 1943.

Technology Implemented

Layout and design – Search Engine Optimization – Responsive Design – Copywriting – E-commerce – HTML –CSS – jQuery


Although iNET Web is best known for creating profit-generating websites for businesses, this is a great example of the type of work we also do for non-profits. The updated website we created for the Milwaukee Police Historical Society not only consolidates their fundraising mission onto one page with multiple options but it also artfully integrates historical photos of the department throughout the site for a visually “arresting” user experience.

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