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Parkside Twenty Three can provide you with a one-of-a-kind farm-to-table dine-in experience with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. iNET can provide you with fresh, up-to-date websites that will keep your business flourishing. 

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A responsive website from iNET makes it easy for customers to use their smartphones to find the freshest meals made with the best locally sourced ingredients in the area. 


A healthy dose of SEO helps individual customers and families easily find and contact the freshest restaurant in Brookfield, Parkside Twenty Three. 


iNET-Web copywriters cleaned up the content imported from Parkside Twenty Three's old website and added some base-level SEO to improve the new site’s online rankings on search engines.


Parkside Twenty Three's new website is filled with up-close video shots of their healthy dishes and fresh, locally grown ingredients. 

Custom Programming

Custom development from iNET helped create a brand new website for Parkside Twenty Three. Creating a simple navigating website makes it easy to search for different menus within the website and simplifies contacting Parkside Twenty Three in a matter or two button clicks. 

Milwaukee web design and development for Parkside Twenty ThreeMilwaukee web design and development for Parkside Twenty Three

Parkside Twenty Three

Parkside Twenty Three works alongside local farmers to bring customers the freshest produce to create their dishes. Every week, there are different specials, whether it is for their family meals or their individual meals. Dine-in today with your family or with friends and take a tour of their 10,000 square foot farm.

Website Dilemmas

Parkside Twenty Three came to iNET with a website template. iNET used parts of the old website to create a new, up-to-date website that portrays everything Parkside Twenty Three has to offer. Since a lot of local produce is seasonal, Parkside Twenty Three needed to expand with an engaging, mobile-friendly website to let customers know when dishes are available. 

Technology Implemented

Search Engine Optimization - Content Management - Web Design - Video Display


The new website shows all the fresh and innovative dishes Parkside Twenty Three has to offer. Every menu page relays accurate information about what fresh meals they are offering. And there are special areas on the site dedicated to catering and private events.

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