The Shooters Sports Center

A sports center in Waukesha needed a way to target new customers. iNET-Web provided irresistible bait by designing a fresh logo and building a brand new website.

Waukesha’s indoor shooting range targets the right audiences with the help of iNET’s innovative web designers
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is packed full of excellence:


Responsive design allows the website to display properly on cell phones and tablets.


Keyword-driven content and full use of meta data improve search rankings and ensure the site answers relevant search queries.


iNET copywriters develop targeted content with well-researched keywords to drive organic page views.

Custom Programming

Custom iNET development helped turn this sport centers website into a thing of beauty. Modern design, attractive layout, and unique functions make this site a favorite among customers. 

Logo Design

iNET designers always aim to please. This logo really hit the bulls-eye in terms of design.

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Milwaukee web marketing for The Shooters Sports Center Milwaukee web marketing for The Shooters Sports Center

Shooters' Sports Center

Shooters Sports Center in Racine, WI is a family-owned indoor shooting range that also sells firearms, bows and hunting accessories. Founded in 1986 by Jim Schunk and Bernie Kupper, Shooters Sports Center is provides area shooters of all skill levels a safe place to practice and provides firearm training and concealed carry classes. They first contacted the creative geniuses at iNET Web about building a profit-generating website in the summer of 2015.

Website Dilemmas-

Shooters' Sports Center wanted a custom website that portrayed the full scope of their indoor archery and firearm ranges, products, services, and safety courses. They also wanted to visually emphasize the charm of a locally operated, family-owned establishment. In addition, they needed a mobile responsive version of their site that would work on mobile devices.

Technology Implemented-

Genesis content management system – Responsive mobile web design – Ecommerce purchasing and check-out system – Logo Design


After many discussions with Shooters' Sports Center to determine their website needs, iNET’s team of professional web developers created a website designed to bring in new leads. The Shooters' Sports Center’s website accomplishes everything they wanted. iNET Web takes great pride in helping Wisconsin businesses like The Shooters' Sports Center become more profitable.  

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