Grind N Go Stumps

What started as a business for affordable tree removal, turned into a division for efficient stump removal. Grind N Go Stumps sought out a way to market not only their tree cutting services to online users but a new way to directly target those in need of stump removal too.

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Mobile browsing is the world’s leading way of getting services and information in the palm of your hand. iNET ensured that Grind N Go’s new site would be 100% responsive so customers can schedule services on the go.


Grind N Go’s counterpart, Cut N Go has become one of the largest tree service companies in the Southeast Wisconsin area. iNET's monthly SEO strategy aims to get Grind N Go to rank just as high in search engines for stump removal as Cut N Go does for tree-related queries.


Knowledgeable and informational content on web pages is important for selling your services to new users who land on your site. When an interested party lands on Grind N Go’s website, they know exactly what they’re getting in terms of services and cost. 

Custom Programming

As a division of Cut N Go, Grind N Go was custom designed to reflect the uniqueness of the first-of-its-kind tree removal service. While both sites have templates that reflect each other, they’re unlike any other tree service website around.

Logo Design

The new Grind N Go logo takes elements from Cut N Go so you know and trust the certified outdoor company you’re working with. 

Milwaukee web marketing for Grind N Go StumpsMilwaukee web marketing for Grind N Go Stumps

Grind N Go Web Design

Where Cut N Go specializes in affordable tree removal, Grind N Go was created to specialize in stump grinding and removal. The goal of this trusted outdoor service company is to efficiently grind stumps like they were never even there.

Website Dilemmas

Wisconsin comes with a lot of woodsy territories and with that comes a handful of certified arborists that are qualified to handle your tree service jobs. While Cut N Go has mainly focused on tree removal, they wanted to make it known that they also dominate when it comes to stump grinding services. They needed a new website to emphasize just what they can do to rid your property of those ugly stumps once and for all.

Technology Implemented

Logo Design - Responsive Graphic Design – Copywriting – HTML – Search Engine Optimization


iNET-Web created a super user-friendly design for Grind N Go to be unique as well as consistent with the Cut N Go brand. This helps build trust with customers who are already familiar with Cut N Go, so they know they can trust the certified stump grinding company too.

The successful results of Cut N Go’s main website brought them back to iNET for their new subsidiary business. With a monthly SEO plan and superior web copy, Grind N Go will dominate the stump removal market in no time. Just like Cut N Go, this new website is targeted to appear in an assortment of stump grinding queries, ensuring increased leads and earnings for the company.

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