Hill Has Eyes

With a Creative Genius designed website, enticing video, and interactive haunted trail map, Hill Has Eyes draws in haunted house lovers from all over Wisconsin. The business’ success has earned it the award of Southeast Wisconsin’s #1 Haunted Attraction by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Hill Has Eyes Haunted Experience

When Halloween comes around, haunted houses crop up throughout Wisconsin and compete to be the scariest around. The Hill Has Eyes  is one such haunted experience. Located in Franklin, Wisconsin, this haunt is set in the woods to maximize the scare factor. With haunts such as the Containment March and the Scare Lift, the Hill Has Eyes promises a boisterous yet terrifying encounter for anyone brave enough to go.  

Website Dilemma

The Hill Has Eyes experience is owned and operated by MKE Sports & Entertainment. Before the professional developers at iNET Web built its website, the haunt was only briefly mentioned on MKEsports.com. With no website to promote the event, Hill Has Eyes struggled to sell tickets.

Technology Implemented

Responsive Technology – Search Engine OptimizationProfessional Copywriting – Video Production – CSS – HTML 


Since Hill Has Eyes' new website was created by iNET in 2014, ticket sales have surpassed every previous Halloween season. With the help of iNET Web's ingenious website design, high quality video production and search engine optimized content, Hill Has Eyes has improved from a normal haunted experience to one of the best haunted house experiences in Wisconsin, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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