Sanfelippo's City Center Market

As a local, family-owned business in the New Berlin area, Sanfelippo’s City Center Market needed an effective way to boost its sod sales in a competitive market. You’re guaranteed the freshest goods around as well as a relaxing, family-friendly experience when you shop at Sanfelippo's.

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These days, most people looking for a good market to travel to are looking for it on their phones. This is why it was imperative that iNET make Sanfelippo’s new and improved website mobile responsive and extremely user friendly.


You can find greenhouses, nurseries and farmer's markets all over Wisconsin. As a local business, iNET put together a unique SEO plan to get Sanfelippo’s new website to appear in search engines for a handful of queries including sod delivery, spring flowers in New Berlin and even fresh Christmas trees.


Informative content on a website helps new users understand exactly what you’re selling. Sanfelippo’s website informs new customers exactly what they can find and how much it will cost before they even arrive at their location, so they know it’s not a wasted trip.

Custom Programming

Sanfelippo’s previous website was created using a bland template that didn’t accentuate what they really had to offer. iNET used custom design and coding to create a unique website with all the vibes of a quaint city market.

Logo Design

While Sanfelippo’s original logo still appears on the site and as a mural on the shed next to their pavilion, their new logo is fresh and stays consistent with the entire website design. 

Milwaukee web marketing for Sanfelippo's City Center MarketMilwaukee web marketing for Sanfelippo's City Center Market

Sanfelippo’s City Center Market Web Design

Sanfelippo’s is a proud seller of locally sourced and grown seasonal products. Not only can you find spring annuals and fresh sod at their location, but you can also take the whole family to get pumpkins in the fall and traditional Christmas trees in the winter. They’re even kind enough to dedicate some of their space to the New Berlin Farmers Market every Saturday.

Website Dilemmas

Sanfelippo’s old website was sparse with content, had an unoriginal web template and had only a few images of their products on each web page. They came to iNET wanting to sell more of their affordable Kentucky bluegrass sod. What they really needed was a great SEO strategy and exceptional web copy to boost their business in search engines.

Technology Implemented

Logo Design - Responsive Graphic Design - Copywriting - HTML - Creative Genius - Search Engine Optimization


iNET’s team of copywriters, designers, developers and programmers came together to give Sanfelippo’s City Center Market a fresh website unlike any other local nursery or greenhouse in the Southeast Wisconsin area. Brand new informative content targetting product information, product costs, and “how-to” queries was implemented across the entire website to bring in qualified leads and boost sales.

The new website was designed in a way to make the user experience exceptional with mobile responsiveness and quick loading pages. Imagery across the website is unique to Sanfelippo’s and offers clear examples of what new users can expect from their visit.

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