ATI Training

People who want to gain the knowledge, tools, and support network they need to successfully begin a new career go to ATI Training – the best educational service for public adjusting, disaster and home inspection.

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iNET websites are made to work flawlessly with mobile devices, and ATI Training is no different with their state-of-the-art responsive design.


The SEO specialists at iNET have helped propel ATI Training to the top of free search engine results pages for the most common online searches for home inspector training programs.


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Custom Programming

All iNET websites are custom-made with our own coding and design, keeping the ATI Training site totally unique.


ATI’s slogan “Be Qualified. Not Just Certified” accurately conveys what their public adjusting, disaster and home inspection training services are all about.

Logo Design

The image of a bald eagle infused with the letter “A” in ATI Training ties in with their full name: All American Training Institute.

Website designed by iNET for ATI Training Website designed by iNET for ATI Training

ATI Training

ATI Training is a nationwide leader in public adjusting, disaster and home inspection training for people pursuing a new career path in one of those fields. ATI prepares their students for inspector exams, which vary from state to state. With a strong work ethic and experienced mentors on staff, ATI Training is essential to being qualified, not just certified, to be an inspector.

Website Dilemmas

In late 2015, the founder of ATI Training approached iNET and asked us to create a new website for their inspector training services. Not only did he want a visually appealing site, easily navigable site, he wanted search engine optimized content to drive more online traffic toward their website.

Technology Implemented

Responsive Technology – Search Engine OptimizationProfessional Copywriting – CSS – HTML


ATI Training’s website went live in March 2016, and they’ve been getting more new leads and enrollment form submissions from their website ever since. The ATI website continues to climb higher on Google search engine results pages, thanks to ongoing SEO work from iNET Web.

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