Body Bag Man

Body Bag Man is a family-owned and operated factory in Milwaukee, working as a one-stop-shop for body bags, cot covers and liners. They serve a variety of industries including hospitals, vet clinics and funeral homes. They came to iNET with the intent of creating a website where you can order their supplies from the US and let them handle the mess. 

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As an e-commerce platform, Body Bag Man wanted to make the new website accessible no matter what device customers were using. Thanks to iNET, facilities are able to order their essentials on the go.


Body Bag Man came to iNET as a company just starting out in the industry, so they needed an effective marketing strategy to get them to appear in search engines. The SEO team used unique methods to set them apart from companies selling similar disposable plastic products.


Body Bag Man makes a living in a rather morbid industry, so it was important to reflect class and objectiveness towards serious situations. The copy generated on all pages throughout the website was created to reflect this style. 

Custom Programming

When creating a new website, you want to present unique for your company while also being alluring enough to generate sales. Body Bag Man’s site was uniquely coded and custom-designed to match the serious tone of the industry. 

Logo Design

Needing cadaver bags is not a sale taken lightly, so iNET came up with a way to really assist buyers who require these supplies. The Body Bag Man logo immediately addresses customer benefits with the slogan "let us handle the mess." 

Milwaukee web marketing for Body Bag ManMilwaukee web marketing for Body Bag Man

Body Bag Man Web Development

Cleaning up after a traumatic or devastating event is what Body Bag Man does best. The aim of this USA factory direct is to make getting the supplies you need fast and affordable. Whether you need a large number of materials or custom-ordered bags, they’ve got you covered.

Website Dilemmas

As a new manufacturer direct company, the Body Bag Man team didn’t have a website, and they needed an effective way to sell their supplies. A fresh design would sell them as a trusted company, using unique coding you can’t find on any other generic template site. They also needed to target a variety of industries that could benefit from their fast services and affordable supplies.

Technology Implemented

Search Engine Optimization – Content Management System – Mobile Responsive Design – Logo Design – Copywriting


iNET created a productive e-commerce website for the up-and-coming cadaver supply company. Category content was created by the SEO team to target industries such as funeral homes, vet clinics, hospitals, mortuary schools and crematoriums. Customers know exactly what they’re getting when landing on the homepage. With a well-organized top navigation layout, it’s simple for users to find products and pricing information, boosting Body Bag Man's ability to generate sales. 

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