• Design, build, deploy, and maintain complex web applications 
  • Work independently and collaboratively with clients and colleagues to ensure quality and consistency
  • Test code, find and fix bugs, troubleshoot system problems and errors
  • Develop front-end apps in JavaScript/TypeScript within a Vue.js SPA or server-side rendered app
  • Program in C# within ASP.NET Core APIs
  • Import, export, migrate, manipulate, and analyze website data in SQL Server through Entity Framework and directly with SQL
  • Integrate client-side and server-side 3rd party APIs
  • Complete other duties as required


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field
  • You have strong problem solving skills
  • You are proficient in or working toward proficiency in Vue.js and .NET 
  • You are familiar with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, C#, SQL, and ASP.NET Core
  • You have experience with with Cloud hosting and management (e.g. Azure, AWS, Cloudflare)
  • You are comfortable with NPM, Node.js, Vite, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure Data Studio, SQL Server, Entity Framework Core, Git, GitLab, CI/CD and/or PowerShell
  • Content management system development experience, including headless CMS, preferred but not required
  • Ecommerce development experience preferred but not required
  • Database administration/management experience preferred but not required
  • Application security interest/experience preferred but not required 


  • Paid time off
  • Voluntary OT (@time-and-a-half pay)
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • HSA option
  • Paid half-hour lunch (8 hours work = 8 hours pay)
  • Corporate-sponsored Life Time Fitness membership
  • Local small-batch coffee on tap
  • Interact with successful business owners
  • A family-first company


As a full stack web developer, work with ~50 copywriters, digital marketers, graphic designers, videographers, front-end developers, and programmers to fulfill our mission: Improving the Economy One Business at a Time™ with Profit Generating Websites™. Go capitalism! 🦅 🗽 Our team also has server admins and a few onsite technicians who double as in-house IT. See photos of the team. We grew up on a lot of direct-with-proprietor small business relationships back before website marketing was even a thing. Now a full-service marketing agency, we place more radio and podcast ads than anyone in Wisconsin. As our clients continue to grow, we now collaborate with robust and digitally literate in-house teams. The next phase in our growth is all about ownership mindset and culture fit. That means you: a self-starter who loves interacting daily with successful clients and colleagues. You take feedback well and can give it back, candidly and respectfully. Ideal candidates love responsibility and self-management (no babysitting!). That means you want to own the outcomes: you will be expected to troubleshoot, improvise, and often make decisions on your own about overcoming issues - not passing the buck to someone else!