• HTML5 
  • C#
  • JavaScript 
  • Git
  • Our basic tech stack includes all of these. Please check out the links on this page for the more advanced/rare stuff. 


  • Here's the real deal about this position. See the disclaimer at the top of this page.
  • Programming internship seekers in near Milwaukee and Madison work between 16-40 hours a week, flexible including winter, spring and summer break.
  • Work is primarily done in the arena of 1 petty front end development and 2 AI aided content.
  • Work with an SEO team of 10-15 clever information architects, sculpting the content to meet the needs of the search engine
  • We can talk about what it would it would take to become a programmer at iNET in your intake zoom call.
  • Many of our most successful humans, in at least 3 departments,  started off as interns. 
  • Real newbie programmers would troubleshoot system problems and errors and
  • Compile/manipulate data structures for website content and reporting and again: 
  • Some programming internship applicants wind up doing database stuff and petty front-end dev with the SEO team, while getting a roadmap for what it would take to be onboarded as a programmer

Skills providing value (not required; can get a leg up for full-time hire)

  • Work with programs like Azure, PowerShell, Git, ASP.NET MVC 5, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL), .NET Framework (C#), ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET 6, ASP.NET Core Web API, Entity Framework Core, Vue.js 3 Single Page App (Vue CLI + Webpack), Complex SQL Queries and more 

Intern Benefits

  • Paid half hour lunch (8 hours work = 8 hours pay)
  • Corporate sponsored Lifetime Fitness membership
  • Local small batch coffee on tap
  • Gain marketable skills
  • Resume review with mentors OR
  • Opportunity to prove yourself hirable at iNET 



As an intern, you will work with ~50 copywriters, digital marketers, graphic designers, videographers, front-end developers, and programmers to fulfill our mission: Improving the Economy One Business at a Time™ with Profit Generating Websites™. Go capitalism! 🦅 🗽 Our team also has server admins and a few onsite technicians who double as in-house IT. See photos of the team. We grew up on a lot of direct-with-proprietor small business relationships back before website marketing was even a thing. Now a full-service marketing agency, we place more radio radio and podcast ads than anyone in Wisconsin. As our clients continue to grow, we now collaborate with robust and digitally literate in-house teams. The next phase in our growth is all about ownership mindset and culture fit. That means you: a self-starter who loves interacting daily with successful clients and colleagues. You take feedback well and can give it back, candidly and respectfully. Ideal intern candidates love responsibility and aspire to self-management (no babysitting!). Should you be the kind of intern that is offered a full time position, that means you own the outcomes: you will be expected to troubleshoot, improvise, and often make decisions on your own about overcoming issues - not passing the buck to someone else!