Lake Michigan Marathon

Marathons and other races are incredibly popular with runners, especially if they bring something unique to the table. The Lake Michigan Marathon lets runners get off the road and enjoy the scenery of the Wisconsin Lake Michigan shore front. iNET optimized the Lake Michigan Marathon race website to bring in more runners in more races.

Milwaukee website design and online marketing make Lake Michigan Marathon a winner
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After a marathon, runners always talk about other marathons they're training for. With the responsive website we built, runners can look up the Lake Michigan Marathon site and register for the race while at another marathon.


iNET SEO services helped the Lake Michigan Marathon site draw in more traffic by ranking highly for search terms popular with runners.


Runners need a lot of information before signing up for a race. Our copywriters covered every detail, from packet pickup to award distribution.


iNET designed a colorful and fun look for the Lake Michigan Marathon's website.


iNET designed the technical shirt swag and finisher medals for the Lake Michigan Marathon. The unique design will stand out in any trophy case.

Milwaukee web marketing for Lake Michigan MarathonMilwaukee web marketing for Lake Michigan Marathon

Lake Michigan Marathon - Web Marketing for a Marathon Event

The Lake Michigan Marathon takes runners off the roads and puts them into the scenic trails around the Lake Michigan lakeshore. With several longer courses available, the races are very popular with advanced runners.

Website Dilemmas

A major challenge for any event website is getting the word out in time. The Lake Michigan Marathon needs runners to register in advance, meaning their website had to be easy to find for racers.

An additional problem was the race location not being in sync with the overall branding. The race events take place along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Wisconsin, not Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan.

Technology Implemented

Search engine optimization – Layout design – Content Management System – HTML – Creative Genius – CSS


The races went off without a hitch thanks to iNET Web. Runners were able to register well in advance of the race in all events and age categories. The details on the website helped runners know where to park, where to expect water breaks on the course, and full course details. Many runners can now use the Lake Michigan Marathon as their official Boston Marathon qualifier. The shirts and finisher medals were popular too.

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