Kokomo Jackrabbits

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If you're looking for something fun to do while on the go, chances are you're using a smart phone. The Kokomo Jackrabbits site is fully responsive, so anyone can view their content from a desktop, tablet, or phone with no problems!


iNET-Web copywriters wrote optimized content for the Jackrabbits all about their team, players, and events. Anyone looking to join their fan community has all the info they could ever ask for thanks to our writers.

Custom Programming

What do we want? Baseball game schedules! When do we want them? NOW! Using custom developments, visitors to the site can instantly see upcoming games and events on the Jackrabbits website.

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Kokomo Jackrabbits

This prospect league baseball team from an Indiana town of about 50,000 has character. The Jackrabbits got their name in a 2014 naming contest as an homage to a popular automobile called the Jackrabbit that used to be built in Kokomo. Each summer, the Jackrabbits showcase upper echelon collegiate players from throughout the Midwest in a series of well-attended games. When iNET found out about the Jackrabbits, there was only one thing to do: design them a character!  

Website Dilemmas

Because Prospect League sports teams target families and kids, delightful, colorful mascots are essential for branding. The Jackrabbits were an expansion team in the league in 2014. They had a decent customer base of families, but no consistent theme or identity. The Milwaukee-based managers of the team (MKE Sports) approached iNET Web to help them move beyond a compelling community-based baseball team into one with broader appeal.

Technology Implemented

Mascot Design- Logo Design- Web Design- Search Engine Optimization


INET Web knew compelling graphic design would be pivotal to the launch of the Jackrabbits. We also knew Kokomo needed something worthy of their emotional connection to the team. iNET rounded up our talented graphic artists. They conceptualized a story, theme, atmosphere and voice for the team. At the heart of it all was the team's new logo: a fierce, muscle-bound jackrabbit swinging a bat-sized carrot.

INET Web’s colorful and fun branding generated instant buzz for the team. Kokomo families flocked to the stadium and continue to fill it to this day. The Kokomo Jackrabbits (and MKE Sports) enjoyed a further revenue boost when the iNET-created designs were licensed as t-shirts and memorabilia sold at the stadium.

To this day, the seats fill up at every Kokomo Jackrabbit game. Parents attend the exciting match-ups with their children to enjoy a safe, fun and affordable family experience. INET web took a great idea for a team in a medium market and helped it find its voice and its audience.

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