Critter Sitters

Building a website for this pet sitting business became a pet project for the animal lovers at iNET Web. One look and you’ll want to snuggle up with it and sit a spell.

Milwaukee area in-home pet sitting provider
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The world is moving more toward mobile web-browsing. iNET makes sure all of Critter Sitters’ content is 100% responsive so its presentation is perfect on any portable device.


Search Engine Optimized content and the use of meta data on every page helps get noticed by search engines and ensures they’ll rise to the top of online queries related to their business.


Saying people don’t read is a blatant lie. Saying people don’t read each and every word is more accurate. iNET devised copy to match Critter Sitters’ intricate design, catching the eye and conveying immediate value.

Custom Programming

The hack who sets up template websites in his basement can't come close to a custom-coded, custom-designed website from iNET-Web.

Milwaukee web marketing for Critter SittersMilwaukee web marketing for Critter Sitters

Critter Sitters

Established in 1986, Critter Sitters specializes in providing pet care when pet owners have to be away from home. Whether it’s walking the dog, feeding crickets to a lizard, or playing catch the laser dot with your cat, Critter Sitters makes being away from home less stressful for you and your pets. They’ll even bring your mail in and leave lights on at night so your home isn’t an obvious target for thieves. 

Website Dilemmas

Critter Sitters first came to iNET in 2015 for a website. In 2017, they came back to have their site upgraded to a mobile responsive design so it would display perfectly on mobile devices. Along with the responsive conversion, they opted for a graphic design overhaul and an infusion of search engine optimization to get their website ranking higher in search engine results for the services and geographic areas most profitable for their business.

Website Technology Implemented

Layout and design – Search Engine Optimization – Responsive Design -- Creative Genius Copywriting – Content Management System – HTML –CSS – jQuery –HTML

Website Outcome

With a clean, colorful design, profiles of staff with their own pets, and photos that elicit an “Awwww!”, the Critter Sitters website instantly conveys the two things pet owners most want to see when looking for a pet sitter – professionalism and a genuine love of animals. With the mobile responsive design and search engine optimized content, the site is fetching them more new leads than ever. 

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