Animal Wellness Center

Known throughout the community for their high tech treatment options for sick pets, these veterinary clinics are now known for their incredible website. Covering everything Wisconsin pet owners need to know for caring for their furry family members, Animal Wellness Center is now head of the (local) pack.

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is packed full of excellence:


Pet owners on the go need quick answers if their pet suddenly becomes injured or ill. The mobile responsive design ensures concerned pet parents can access the site from any mobile device. 


With clinics in different parts of the state, it was important to advertise all available locations equally. SEO experts of iNET-Web optimized the site content to draw in pet owners near and far.


Pet owners can never get enough information on how to care for their fur babies. Our copywriters created page after page of common symptoms and treatment options to make the site a valuable resource for pet owners.

Custom Programming

Who doesn’t love seeing photos of healthy dogs and cats? iNET-Web created a gallery where pet parents can submit photos of their animals for everyone to see.

Animal Wellness Center website designed by iNETAnimal Wellness Center website designed by iNET

Animal Wellness Center

The Animal Wellness Center provides comprehensive veterinary care in four Milwaukee offices. Each location is staffed by certified veterinarians and equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to ensure the highest level of veterinary care.

Website Dilemma

With four locations in southeast Wisconsin, the Animal Wellness Center was poised for growth, but they were dogged by four different websites with dated technology, poor design and a content management system that made updates difficult. Solution: A website overhaul! The client was intrigued enough by the potential of our SEO work to sign on for a monthly SEO contract, too.

Technology Implemented

Layout design – HTML – CSS – Search Engine Optimization – Content Management System


iNET developed a website uniting all four locations under the Animal Wellness Center banner. With a fresh new look, an easy-to-use content management system and an ongoing SEO campaign in place, Animal Wellness Center quickly clawed its way to the top of search engine results for the most commonly searched veterinary care terms.

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