Wisconsin Senior Olympics

Being a non-profit organization, The Wisconsin Senior Olympics board of directors didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a website. iNET gave them our "non-profit web development" discount in order to help support a Wisconsin institution enriching our community. At iNET we often give discounts, even developing websites at a loss for worthy nonprofit organizations who are helping to support the growth of the type of society we would like to live in. It the iNET way of giving thanks to the Waukesha and Southeastern Wisconsin community for all the success and support we’ve experienced over the years.

iNET creative genius inspired Waukesha website graphic designers took the Wisconsin Senior Olympics logo and ran with it, using the red, white, and blue color scheme as the basis for the star spangled display which is the Wisconsin Senior Olympics website. White streamers flow from behind the logo towards the web viewer in a 3-dimensional perspective which gives depth to a simple website design. A series of blue stars highlights the navigational menu, with a rollover effect turning them red when scrolled over by the mouse cursor. In the center of the homepage, a collage of photographs from the Wisconsin Senior Olympics gives website viewers an instant sense of the camaraderie and competitive spirit of the Wisconsin Senior Olympics.

High resolution gallery imageIf the Wisconsin Senior Olympics had gone to any other Southeastern Wisconsin website developer with their budget, they most likely would have received a template website. Besides being graphically challenged (to put it mildly), template websites block search engines from reading website content, thus making it difficult, if not impossible for them to achieve #1 rankings on Google. Their custom iNET website platform ensures Wisconsin Senior Olympics will be entrenched at #1 on Google for ‘Wisconsin Senior Olympics, now and forever. With around 100 people doing searches for ‘Wisconsin Senior Olympics’ every month, it would be a shame if those people were having to search through page after page, wondering if Wisconsin Senior Olympics even had a website, just because they were locked into a substandard template website. Even though iNET has not done any extra search engine optimization (SEO) on the website, it also ranks #1 for ‘Wisconsin Senior Games’ (a different event/organization).

If you are above the age of 50 and physically active, check out the Wisconsin Senior Olympics website to learn more about the competitive opportunities available. If you are part of a non-profit or charitable organization, come visit us at iNET Milwaukee web development headquarters to learn why even for non-profits, iNET website development always gives the best return on investment.


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