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INET Web Milwaukee website designers and developers understand the implications of a poor template website design, as much as we understand the power of a modern, customized website design. Weekend Dental’s previous website consisted of a basic and boring template design. With the help of iNET Web Milwaukee website developers, Weekend Dental was provided with a completely customized content management system, allowing for convenient, user-friendly updates by the company website manager. Through an enhanced webpage layout, iNET Web Milwaukee website designers created a clean, aesthetically-pleasing design for the Weekend Dental website. This customized, contemporary and eye-catching design utilized industry related graphics to intuitively validate Weekend Dental as a professional and reputable dental school. Our website designers built a modern, attractive and industry-related logo for Weekend Dental. INET Web outfitted the logo with color-changing hover capabilities for intuitive audience navigation. Empowering the logo with interactive functionality allowed users to return to the homepage from anywhere within the Weekend Dental website.

Waukesha Logo DesignUnderstanding the power of animated movement, iNET Web Milwaukee website developers and designers outfitted the Weekend Dental website with a digital walk-out video, which was accomplished with in-house green screen technology and the creative genius inspired iNET Web Milwaukee website video production team.  The reflection displayed in the dental instrument amplifies website creativity and audience appeal. By sparking audience interest, this customized flash video provided Weekend Dental with a unique and creative advantage over its competition, resulting in increased audience absorption, greater client leads and higher profitability. The flash animation was utilized as a creative marketing tool to engage and inform customers, while developing a sense of personal attention among target markets. Building the animated tooth contact button beside the flash intro piece provided a convenient and instant platform for target audiences to contact Weekend Dental.  Using this attention-getting icon to link potential students to the lead generating contact form resulted in measurable lead and profit generating success for Weekend Dental. The creative genius inspired iNET Web Milwaukee website designers and developers further customized the website with a flash rotator banner displaying Weekend Dental marketing messages, allowing quick advertisement of the school’s benefits when target audiences first arrive on the homepage. INET Web developers complimented the customized creative website design with simple, clean and user-friendly website navigation for optimal functionality. INET Web’s Milwaukee website designers furthered the Weekend Dental website’s aesthetic appeal and navigational ease with hover highlighting capabilities and intuitive color-changing dropdown menus in the top banner. Emphasizing the phone number on the top banner provided an easy customer call-to-action platform, generating increased client leads for Weekend Dental. INET Web took navigation ease to a higher level by implementing a footer banner with identical category options found in the top banner. Including this bottom banner allowed for improved navigational ease by minimizing audience scrolling. Internal linking further minimized scrolling by offering convenient navigational shortcuts within the website. Implanting these internal links provided customers with informative directives, measurably increasing audience absorption by keeping potential customers active and interested in all aspects of the Weekend Dental website.

iNET Web Milwaukee website copywriters employed powerful written marketing content to communicate information and benefits of enrolling with Weekend Dental. Using industry-relevant terms authorized Weekend Dental as a top-notch and knowledgeable dental assistant school. Combining search engine optimization, iNET Web Milwaukee website SEO specialists enhanced the Weekend Dental website content with keyword saturated links, title tags, navigational tags and meta tags. Strategically implementing this keyword saturated content with highly sought after industry search terms created greater market exposure and Google visibility for Weekend Dental. Upon going live in January 2013, Weekend Dental achieved the number two spot on the first page of Google search engine results for “Wisconsin Dental Assistant Schools” and the number one spot on the first page of organic Google search engine results for “Wisconsin Weekend Dental Schools.” With iNET Web, Weekend Dental achieved measurable success in its web presence and client leads with its sleek new website design, interactive capabilities, influential written content and search engine optimization.

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