To The Pointe Performing Arts Academy

INET got right to the point and began creating the perfect performing arts dance website. The iNET web designers created the same look and feel dancers experience while performing on stage. With special creative genius website design effects, the new To The Pointe website puts website visitors on stage and in the spot light. The website background features the same hazy light rings one sees when the spot light shines down on stage giving the website the real live performance feel. The background spotlight reveals the ballerina on the left side, perfectly poised with her arm angled downward leading visitors to the navigation. The website navigation features both primary text navigation and secondary attention grabbing image navigation. With creative genius website design imagery, layout, and overall design, iNET Web put To The Pointe in the spotlight.

INET goes above and beyond focusing on even the littlest details to bring every website up to creative genius standards. The details are what takes To The Pointe website from great to over the top, amazing! Notice how the navigational images are out of focus toward the bottom displaying cleaner, more legible, bold text for maximum readability. Notice the ballerina on the left's surrounding glow subtly fades into the background. Notice how the ballerina's sheet's transparency fades out at the top faintly revealing the website background to depict the thin, see through fabric effect. Notice how not only the choice of colors are ideal traditional dance colors, notice how perfectly the hues complement each other. Notice how the navigational images have been unsaturated and given a slight bluish hue helping them blend in with the website's design and color scheme, as full color would have been overpowering and taken the attention away from the website design's harmony. Notice when scrolled over, color gradually fills the image bringing them to life. Notice the exceptional details of this and all iNET custom creative genius inspired website designs, no wannabe Milwaukee website designers' template website can compare.

Online shopping cart feature for Milwaukee dance studioMore than just your normal everyday informational dance studio website, iNET Web integrated an online shopping cart feature providing To The Pointe with a full eCommerce website solution. To The Pointe's online shopping section, Pointe Boutique, offers dance class students' and parents easy access to online purchasing of necessary dancewear. With a featured Pointe Boutique item on the home page, website visitors immediately know the website offers more than just important dance studio and dance class information. Students and parents not only can look up dance class requirements, students can buy them online right from the website. The ‘secure online checkout process', ‘account logins' for quick and easy checkout for returning customers, and ‘stay on page when adding to cart' feature takes To The Pointe from subpar website functionality to fully functioning, over the top, complete eCommerce web solution.  

iNET put To The Pointe in the spot light of free search engines, currently winning in search results for all local related searches as they are # 1 for "Hartland dance classes", "Oconomowoc dance classes", "Johnson Creek dance training", "Johnson Creek dance lessons", "Johnson Creek theatre classes", "Hartland theatre classes", and "Oconomowoc theatre classes". To The Pointe is being found statewide as a Google search for "Wisconsin dance studio" lands them the SECOND spot on page 1 and searches for "Wisconsin dance classes", "Wisconsin dance lessons", and "Wisconsin wedding dance lessons" returns To The Pointe in various top spots on the first page of Google. With the new website's search engine friendly structure, To The Pointe is center stage for all web searchers to see.  

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