Roaring Fork Restaurant Group

The iNET creative genius database developers dished up secure online intercompany communication for Roaring Fork Restaurant Group with a secure Intranet. The new Roaring Fork online web database solution represents that of a never ending filing cabinet complete with a cutting edge website combination lock. The main creative genius functions to this online filing cabinet include an online Bulletin Board, PTO Tracker, and SecureCom, forking out easy, instant branch to branch access to upload, send, receive, and delete data. With the online filing cabinet database solution, Roaring Fork is able to automatically keep all files and documentations neatly organized and widely accessible between branches.

Before the ‘creative genius’ online filing cabinet can be opened, one must gain access through a personalized secure login. On the Roaring Fork main secure login page, "Today’s Headlines" are displayed viewing important information about the online database system including iNET web developers contact information for those employees experiencing login issues. With the new web database solution, employees are able to login and access data anywhere the internet is available to them.

Courtesy of your local ‘creative genius’ Milwaukee web developers, Roaring Fork is able to control who can access what information. Employees have different levels of authorization for accessing data based on their position within the company with general staff having very limited access and administrative staff having complete access. When logging in, no matter what your authorization, everyone will be able to see the bulletin board. The online bulletin board is where employees will find the weekly operations report and recent posts. Employees can post any work related news or questions on the online bulletin board and is mainly used to find someone to cover a shift.

A master key is needed to unlock all drawers within the online filing cabinet. Administrators are allowed full access to all content and are the only ones able to delete anything posted within. Roaring Fork administrators are able to upload and send files to staff individually or by group with the easy group functions. This creative genius function allows files to easily be sent to different employee groups organized by position such as general staff, management or administrator. The SecureCom function allows only management to upload and view documents such as new hire information. The online web database SecureCom function allows documents such as potential applicant information to be stored and viewed by authorized branch employees creating a more efficient staffing process.

The online web database solution paid time off function allows employees to both manage remaining PTO hours and request time off. The PTO back time function allows employees to go back and use PTO hours for days missed prior to present date. Administrators are able to adjust the back PTO cutoff date limiting the duration to apply past PTO. With this creative genius web database function, Roaring Fork and their employees are able to easily distribute, manage, and apply paid time off.

Roaring Fork is a true demonstration of iNET’s creative genius website programming development skills with instant form posting, secure individual access logins, and web based file management. When your businesses communication comes to a fork in the road, take the RIGHT turn to iNET Web for secure online web database solutions helping communicate profitable ideas branch to branch.

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