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The original Sheboygan Senior Community website was designed for square CRT monitors not fully utilizing the new-fangled wide screen, high definition computer screens of today.  Our creative genius inspired Milwaukee website designers crafted a brand new design taking full advantage of the entire wide screen layout.  A calm and peaceful background element conveys a feeling of continuity and serenity throughout the entire Sheboygan Senior Community website.  Faster internet speeds and the exponentially growing processing power of computers allows iNET Web’s creative genius inspired Milwaukee website developers to produce websites with enhanced visual elements.  Gradient blending and transparent layering create a cohesive website, unifying the separate web page elements into a visually appealing amalgamation.  These new, grandiose visual elements bestow the Sheboygan Senior Community website with the look and feel comparable to a fortune 500 company.

Waukesha iNET Web developers exclusive online content mangagement system allows you to easily make content and image changes Along with enhanced visual appeal, iNET Web’s creative genius inspired Milwaukee website designers took advantage of today’s improved technology to implement superior functionality into the Sheboygan Senior Community’s website.  Our creative genius Milwaukee website developers incorporated a handy, dynamic timeline on the website’s home page, displaying updates from the senior community in an easily accessible fashion.  Utilizing our user-friendly, exclusive content management system, the senior community is able to easily add mixed media to their home page, from radio ads to videos and photos. From effortlessly updating news content to posting videos onto your website with ease,  the creative genius inspired content management system allows simplified access tailored to your unique needs.  Rather than spending your retirement fund for some wannabe web developers to add a single video to your homepage, our creative genius inspired Milwaukee website designers give you the tools and training to make your website work for you.

The website’s original content still has great value on the web.  Our creative genius inspired Milwaukee website copywriters crafted new, additional content to keep up with the additions and expansions of the senior community.  Fresh website pages were created to reflect the newly added housing properties.  Search engines are constantly changing how they measure real value for search results rankings. Our Milwaukee search engine optimization specialists combed through the entire website to optimize meta data and back end coding to keep up with the latest search engine developments.  By bringing the Sheboygan Senior Community’s website up to date with the latest search engine algorithms, our creative genius inspired Milwaukee SEO experts lifted to the number one spot for search terms including “Sheboygan senior living”, “Sheboygan retirement home” and “Sheboygan retirement community”.

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Old Web DesignThe Sheboygan Senior Community is located in the historic heart of downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin, just three blocks from Lake Michigan.  Sheboygan Senior Community came to iNET Web in need of an informative website that goes out like a Lake Michigan charter fishing boat, trolling for the people who, at any point in time, might be looking on the internet for an uplifting, fun place to retire in the greater Sheboygan area.

The Sheboygan Senior Community is an exceptional place to live with a focus on making all of the little inconveniences of aging a "piece of cake." Graphic design for started with a bright, bold, colorful layout featuring the beauty of the Sheboygan Senior Community property and surrounding area. The graphically unique navigation of the website plays on the wave design in the Sheboygan Senior Community logo. iNET Web site developers imparted creative genius, making the navigation simple, yet three dimensional, adding an aesthetic appeal uniquely The Sheboygan Senior Community. For the iNET website design and development team, superior graphic design is certainly more difficulty than second tier template website development the majority of the the website design industry has seemingly defaulted to. The graphic appeal of the Sheboygan Senior Community was extremely important in this website development project. The website production had two goals. First, to be found in free searches on the Internet and second, to make a visual impression, letting potential residents know how exceptional the Sheboygan Senior Community facilities and services are.

With superbly representative graphic website design and graphic appeal, the next step was setting out to install the Sheboygan Senior Community website at the top of free search engine queries for the keywords web surfers use to find a facility and/or service provider like the Sheboygan Senior Community. With perfect database development and a little bit of iNET website search engine optimization, the iNET website development team firmly placed the Sheboygan Senior Community at the top of native (FREE) search engine queries, in all search engines for virtually any aspect of the Sheboygan Senior Community business in their market. Being at the top of free searches, where iNET Web puts our website development clients, is proven to do more than generate website traffic. Being at the top of native search engine queries is literally proven to make World Wide Web surfers see your business as more legitimate! The benefits to the Sheboygan Senior Community of being an iNET Web website development client include superior graphic imagery AND a superior customer/resident Website editing capabilities available from only one Milwauke web site developerperceived image. When you are talking about such a huge decision as where to move as a senior in need of a little help to get by, or as a family looking to find a desirable place to move a loved one in need of living assistance, the level of superior image iNET delivered is critical. iNET Web also provides Sheboygan Senior Community a clean, easy to use website content management system database. The website content manager allows the employees of the Sheboygan Senior Community to add current news on projects and to list job openings on the website. The website database content management system also allows employees to edit any of the text or photos on the rest of the website. The ability to edit website content, without having to pay for support, is a huge advantage, allowing the Sheboygan Senior Community to save money on website content administration. The content management database also enables the Sheboygan Senior Community to keep their website "up to the moment" fresh from anywhere in the world they can get an Internet connection.

Sheboygan Senior Community has thirty, filtered for spam, email accounts with iNET. iNET email servers eliminate most, if not all, of the garbage email that plagues email boxes. iNET filtering of spam email saves Sheboygan Senior Community employees time, not having to read through lists of junk email. iNET Web spam filtering eliminates potential network stability and security risks, as viruses and corrupting programs are often propagated via email. iNET filtering of spam email may even help limit potential liabilities, as spam email content can be inappropriate for a business environment.

Take a look at the web site. Consider the ease of navigation and the vivid graphic design. If by chance you are looking for retirement housing with long-term care health facilities, in the greater Sheboygan area, that is able to accommodate elderly and physically handicapped adults, the Sheboygan Senior Community is a great choice in beautiful historic Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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