PROCare Physical Therapy

After Custom Creative Genius inspired web site development from iNET Web, PROCare Physical Therapy is #2 on Google for "physical therapy Milwaukee", and traffic to the website has more than tripled. Not only is PROCare experiencing a triple traffic increase, people coming to the website through insurance company referrals and search engines are spending triple the amount of time on the website, gaining confidence in PROCare, and choosing to make PROCare their Milwaukee physical therapy provider. Says PROCare Physical Therapy Director of Promotions, Drew Andrejat, "I find it incredible when I get the website traffic reports every month. The website has all around been a very good investment."

The first step in rehabilitating the PROCare Physical Therapy website was a complete graphic makeover. PROCare wanted a website design incorporating the spine, but also indicating a focus on more than bones, since muscular rehabilitation is a big part of the PROCare Physical Therapy philosophy. The subtle yet distinct curvature of a woman's back forms the framework of the website header design. She appears to be relaxing on a massage table, creating a warm, inviting feeling. Four Flash graphic animated picture boxes representing the four parts of the body in the PROCare slogan (back, hip, knee, shoulder) with scrolling text bars changing the pictures from color to grayscale and back again, follow the gentle wave of the spinal contour. PROCare Physical Therapy gets a lot of positive feedback about the website design from clients who say the website is attractive to look at and easy to navigate.

One interesting feature of the PROCare Physical Therapy website is the "Where Does It Hurt" page. Custom additions to your website from Milwaukee web developer iNETWebsite visitors can click on various areas of a body illustration to be transported to pages about rehabbing those particular areas. PROCare is adding musculoskeletal and physical therapy information to the website on an ongoing basis, making it a valuable informational resource. With iNET client-side website content management tools , PROCare can add unlimited physical therapy information easily and instantly, for FREE.

PROCare Physical Therapy is thrilled with how easy it is to add and edit website content. While most Milwaukee web development companies don't have the ability or the desire to give their clients free website updating tools, at iNET we do everything possible to maximize our web development clients' return on investment. As PROCare Physical Therapy adds more rehabilitation information, and search engines see an information rich site being updated on a regular basis, PROCare will continue to rise in Milwaukee physical therapy search engine rankings because of their iNET website management tools.

While fresh, informative content is an important factor in search engine rankings for competitive queries, without the right website code structure, it is impossible to win no matter how much content is provided. iNET custom, proprietary search engine friendly website code helps search engines to easily classify PROCare Physical Therapy website content. Superior iNET coding spoon feeds search engines the website focus throughout the site architecture, helping PROCare to rise quickly on the Milwaukee physical therapy search engine charts. With their superior website structure, a small amount of search engine optimization (SEO) from iNET gave PROCare Physical Therapy an immediate boost in search engine rankings, placing them first on Google for "Greenfield WI physical therapy" and on the first page for "physical therapists Milwaukee" after being nowhere to be found previously. With their commitment to ongoing website content development, it is a foregone conclusion we will see PROCare continue to rise in the Milwaukee physical therapy search engine listings.

While iNET website development is unrivaled in its return on investment as an online sales and marketing platform, PROCare Physical Therapy also uses their website as a valuable informational tool for employees. A secure employee login area contains contact information for employees as well as the employee handbook. Instead of printing a handbook every time a new employee joins PROCare, they are simply directed to the website. As PROCare Physical Therapy finds more and more uses for this secure area of their website, the business management end of return on investment will continue to grow.

If you have any bodily pain or discomfort, check out the PROCare Physical Therapy website to find out what may be causing it, then contact PROCare for the best pain management and holistic physical therapy services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If your business website is causing you any pain - failing to bring in new customers, not presenting a confidence inspiring image, and not providing a discernable return on investment, make sure to get it checked out at iNET Web in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where rehabilitating unattractive, bottom line crippling websites into finely tuned, online profit making sales machines is what we do, every single day.

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