Peaceful Pets Pet Funeral and Cremation Services

Peaceful Pets out of Richfield, Wisconsin carries out admirable services for the animal loving families of the Wisconsin area. Peaceful Pets offers cremation and burial services for all pets, along with advance planning for pet cremation services when it comes to losing a beloved pet. Free cremations for service pets are given to honor the animals that have helped others every day in their lives. When Peaceful Pets: Pet Funeral and Cremation Services was looking for an opportunity to succeed in delivering care and compassion to the families of deceased pets, Milwaukee’s top website designers at iNET were more than able to provide the opportunity to Peaceful Pet Services. Knowing Peaceful Pets needed a warm, caring, and thoughtful website while maintaining a business-like approach to the services being offered, Peaceful Pets found  their solution with iNET’s creative genius’ inspired web design.

The Milwaukee website development team went beyond their expectations, creating a website with warm, fuzzy images (both literally and figuratively), elegant website copywriting and design, and a smooth, easy to use interface which was simple and effective in portraying the compassionate image Peaceful Pets strives to achieve. iNET WEB did a complete Milwaukee logo design overhaul for Peaceful Pets, transforming its lackluster design into a heartfelt, attention grabbing company logo.

The iNET Milwaukee web team created a custom online content management system for Peaceful Pets, allowing them to easily make text and image changes to their own website without needing any knowledge on web design implementation. Site Edit allows Peaceful Pets to add website content such as pictures throughout their website. Pet Tribute photo galleries can be added to their website, and a short description underneath each photo can be added as well. iNET’s own Site Edit function was built from the ground up by iNET’s own creative geniuses and is an easy to use feature provided to all of iNET’s web customers allowing them more control over what they want to show on their website.

By adding keywords to the website design, Peaceful Pets has been appearing in more searches from more areas of Wisconsin. By adding different major cities in Wisconsin to the text found on the website, Peaceful Pets receives more hits, more often, making more profit.

If the time has come to lay your beloved pet to rest and give them the proper dignity they deserve, visit the Peaceful Pets website. Take some time to view some of the testimonials by other customers who have suffered the loss of a pet, and gained the compassion of Peaceful Pets. If the time has come to lay your cookie-cutter website design to rest, visit iNET to find a profit generating website solution and increase your bottom line.

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