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Waukesha graphic design with high resolution website imagery showcasing the numerous industries benefiting from No Goose Poop's products!Marketing for Goose Deterrents

The No Goose Poop website went live at the end of August 2000, and sold coyote decoys to keep geese off parks, golf courses, and residential lawns. Their decoys significantly reduce the amount of goose droppings left on your property by scaring off those unwanted visitors.

eCommerce Website Design

The No Goose Poop website features a simple Waukesha website design, easily accomplishing its sole purpose of selling bird control decoys.  The background of the main pages show off a vibrant, green lawn free of goose poop to give you a good example of how your landscape can look if you utilize their decoys.  The site’s four navigational buttons (shown on the right) present the areas most overrun with unwanted geese. The site’s four navigational buttons allow visitors to click in to see how these coyote decoys can assist in keeping your lawn or property free of droppings. Unique, stunning imagery on each page gives visitors a clear idea of what they’re looking at, so they know they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Although Goose Control only has one product available for sale (coyote decoys), they have a full eCommerce website solution, allowing customers to purchase their Canadian goose deterrent online through a secure checkout process.  Customers can feel at ease knowing their information is safe during their secure checkout, and Goose Control can feel at ease knowing their customers have a simple, secure checkout process.

Search Engine Optimization

No Goose Poop reached the top of free search engine results, thanks to iNET’s professional Waukesha website copywriting with calculated optimization efforts for terms like “coyote effigy deterrents”, “Canadian geese deterrent”, and “Canadian goose deterrent”.

If you have difficulties controlling the goose population at your home, local park, or golf course, contact Goose Control via their creative genius inspired website. 

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