Bertnick's Car Care Center

The iNET Web Milwaukee website designers worked closely with Bertnick’s Car Care Center to create an online marketing platform capable of presenting the excellent workmanship and dependable service they provide. After checking the gauges and kicking the tires, iNET Web was ready to implement the perfect hot-rodded profit generating solution for Bertnick’s Car Care Center.

One of the most important aspects of website design is the use of powerful search engine optimization practices. Properly applied SEO can take a website at the bottom of search engine listings straight to the top and keep them there for a long, long time. iNET Web, Milwaukee’s premier website designers, utilized years of experience to create a turbo-charged SEO plan perfect for Bertnick’s Car Care Center. With targeted Milwaukee SEO riding shotgun, Bertnick’s Car Care Center is sure to garner high search engine placement, increased business and astounding new levels of profit generation.

The creative genius inspired iNET Web Milwaukee website designers were ready to put the pedal to the metal with Bertnick’s Car Care Center. While wanna-be second rate Milwaukee web developers would have built a boring, template based clunker website exactly like every other auto repair shop out there, iNET Web’s Milwaukee website designers set out to build a highly targeted online marketing platform. After carefully examining the competition and coming up with several innovative and eye catching designs, iNET Web went to work ensuring Bertnick’s Car Care Center would stand head and shoulders over the competition.

When customers first arrive at the Bertnick’s Car Care Center website they’re greeted with an image of three cars on hydraulic lifts. While such an image may seem mundane or commonplace, visitors are delighted when they click on the options in the navigation bar. Seamlessly integrated flash animation causes the car in the center of the website to rise from the floor, pulling the text along with it and creating a unique and entertaining interactive experience.

iNET Web, the premier Milwaukee website designers and developers, create high quality websites with excellent customer friendly content management systems. Content management systems from iNET Web put our customers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make changes or additions to their websites whenever they want. With our easily-learned and intuitive content management system, customers are never stuck at a proverbial red light while they wait for their web developers to publish information or make important changes.

Since going live in October of 2011, Bertnick’s Car Care Center has started a steady drive for total search engine domination. Bertnick’s Car Care Center is currently enjoying first place placement for terms like “New Berlin Auto Maintenance” and “New Berlin Nitrogen Tires”. Check back soon to see how professional iNET Web Milwaukee SEO will have Bertnick’s Car Care Center ahead of the competition for keyword search terms like “New Berlin Auto Repair”, “Waukesha County Auto Repair” and “New Berlin Brake Flush.”

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