Friends of the Domes

The Friends of the Domes needed a website that would promote the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes as the world class place to be in Milwaukee. The wish list of features for the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes website is limitless. The Friends of the Domes, working with donations, has a very limited marketing budget. iNET Web is always the best price performance solution for any web development project. In the case of the Milwaukee Domes, a few iNET employees made this a pet project, volunteering a little of their own time in order to make sure the Milwaukee Domes have a website fit for our one of a kind in the entire world, horticultural wonder. The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes are literally the only three structures of their kind in the world.

High resolution gallery imageThe Friends of the Domes are headed up by a number of very 'sharp tacks'. Brilliant people who have brought their love for nature coupled with their love of community to the table to support a historic Milwaukee landmark. With the Milwaukee County Parks budget getting thinner and thinner, the Friends of The Milwaukee Domes mission is critically important. With that in mind, The Friends of the Domes set out to build an informational, promotional and philanthropy promoting website based marketing tool for the Milwaukee Domes. The Milwaukee Domes now have one of the most unique, stunning interactive websites of any Horticultural exhibit or park in the world.

The Friends of the Domes organization is led by a board of directors. With the value of a correctly built custom website defined and a clear idea of what is possible for a website to achieve, the Friends of the Domes picked iNET Web to develop their new website. The website went live just as the Milwaukee Domes closed for major renovations, including blue neon halos at the top of each Dome and major interior lighting renovations. With this initiative, spurned by a three tiered financial infusion to the Domes; two very generous donations by major Milwaukee Philanthropists, settlement money from the Falk explosion and Milwaukee County money for much needed renovations and updates, the timing was exactly right for the Friends of the Domes to step up to the plate and deliver a web based Milwaukee Domes promotional masterpiece. The board of directors bring enormous talents to the table on behalf of the Milwaukee Domes, although website design and development is not among them. After reviewing three different initial website conceptualizations by the iNET graphic design team, the board decided to let iNET take the reins in the graphic design of the Milwaukee Domes website. Every iNET Web site development customer who has done this has ended up with a cutting edge masterpiece. The Milwaukee Domes are no exception.

Reviewing the world of horticultural websites, iNET graphic designers refused to fall into the block or file tab navigation virtually every horticultural website has. Flowers, exotic plants and our Domes are something to celebrate. Being an exciting, uplifting, unique place of exceptional beauty, the Milwaukee Domes have somehow developed a lackluster view from outsiders looking in. iNET Web built this website from a perspective of bringing the prestige and profile the Milwaukee Domes should have back to the Domes for good. The graphic design iNET Web came up with is just as unique in the whole world as the Mitchell Park Domes are. Utilizing iNET Custom Creative Genius and out of the box website development thinking, the graphic design team hit a grand slam home run for the Milwaukee Domes. The Milwaukee Domes have been legendary for incredible floral displays since their very beginning. The iNET graphic design team made a major floral Flash multimedia image navigation piece. The Flash navigation includes a little friend who greets you as you enter any page of the site. Drop down navigation unlike anything you will see on the web not only helps the Milwaukee Domes website visitors find their way around the website, the navigation entertains and fascinates site visitors. The two most important aspects of the Milwaukee Domes website navigation are made of flowers that actually bloom when you roll over them. The iNET graphic design team was determined to make this website a success navigationally. The blooming flowers are exemplary of iNET creative genius at work.

The Milwaukee Domes are a sensory extravaganza of sound, smell and sight. The visual aspect of the Milwaukee Domes is a major aspect of their appeal. With that in mind, the iNET Web graphic design team set out to build a photo gallery that would properly represent the Milwaukee Domes and that would display a bit of their beauty for website visitors. You have to check out the photo gallery to truly understand it. Using a Flash photo gallery layout, the iNET graphic designers built a visual that allows the bright and beautiful website layout/navigation to stand aside while the Milwaukee Domes website viewer looks at images of the Arid Dome or the Tropical Dome or the Show Dome or the other individual image galleries.

While there are many little slices of graphic entertainment on the Friends of the Domes website, another worth mentioning here is the history of the Domes website video, hosted on the Friends of the Domes history page.

The next step for the success of the Milwaukee Domes website was to string in completely custom functionality while being sure that the Milwaukee Domes website scores high marks in native search engine queries, where it must, in order to provide excitement, donations and participation by the general public at the Milwaukee Domes. Data base engineers built the Domes website backbone precisely to fit the parameters search engines require in assigning maximum value to a website.

The Friends of the Domes website has multiple commerce functionalities. Milwaukee Domes website visitors can literally shop at the Domes gift shop online, or pre-shop before driving to the Domes to pick up a gift at the store. Site visitors can also join the Friends of The Domes at the website, paying right on the website. Visitors to the website can make a donation on the website or make contact in order to make the Milwaukee Domes part of their long term giving plan or to make the Domes part of their legacy. Visitors to the Milwaukee Domes website can even contribute by choosing to sponsor one of the many animal friends who reside in the Domes, at the Sponsor an Animal page. The Domes website has a lot to offer. The Milwaukee Domes need support in order to remain one of the brightest features in the Milwaukee skyline for generations to come.

Search engine optimization is hyper critical for the Milwaukee Domes site. In order to generate the kind of excitement that inspires Milwaukee businesses to consider the Domes for a Corporate event, or young couples to choose beautiful Mitchell Park for weddings, or to inspire schools to bring students to the Domes, this Milwaukee Domes website must be found and highly valued by search engines. As strange as it may sound, Milwaukee County did not want the Friends of the Domes to use the content from the county website. This left a huge void in content for the Domes website that needed to be filled. Content development can be one of the most daunting aspects of website development for any website. In the case of the Friends of The Domes, they were overwhelmed by the scope of having to write so much content. iNET Web creative genius stepped up to the plate again. In a totally volunteer fashion, iNET’s principal copy writer wrote literally tens of thousands of words for the Friends of the Domes website. Without paying to be found, as many competitors do, the Milwaukee Domes is already averaging number six on Google for wedding reception halls for rent in Milwaukee after only a few months! This is an example of the success that comes from expert iNET design and copy writing, and, as time goes on, it is likely that the rankings on Google will continue to improve. I personally intend to continue to support The Domes with content development ongoing. Unlike the stale, dry, tired writing you will see on most every horticultural or park website the Friends of the Domes website is written to endear, inspire and motivate site visitors.

Take a look at the Friends of the Domes website. The creative genius blooming from every aspect of the Domes website is unmistakable. A cutting edge creative genius inspired design with functionality beyond the ability of most website developers will contribute to Milwaukee having those three soon to be brightened features on our skyline. If you are looking for a place to host your Milwaukee corporate event, please consider the Domes. Next time you need a unique artistic gift, please consider the Milwaukee Domes gift shop. Next time you are looking for a great time in a family friendly environment, visit the Domes: you will feel uplifted and glad you did. If by chance you have some free time to give back to our community, take a minute and fill out the volunteer application on the site. If you can afford it, and would like to make a donation to support the Milwaukee treasure that is the Domes, please do.

We will see YOU at the Domes!

Check out this super-effective radio ad fueled by the creative genius at iNET Web:

Sip a Tasty adult or soft beverage strolling a contemporary fine art gallery and a gold medal winning Milwaukee County Park. Savory tasty lobster BLT’s from Burk’s Lakeside or famous Pulled Pork Sandwich by Maxi’s Southern Comfort. Visitor artists and residents shall be keeve and 70 other fine Artists in person. Performances by Brew City Big Band and Spanglish. Kohl’s Design it Mobile Lab from Discovery World for kids and so much more.$2.00 admission discount with Zoo Ala Carte ticket stub. August 19-21 at the Domes.

Creative is an intangible. There aren’t many great creatives in radio. In branding there are less. In strategizing there are even less. Most companies have no BRAND. The products and services are amazing, the businesses are often brilliant. There is just nothing for consumers to grab and buckle themselves into. The web sites are also no influence in creating the brand, brand strategy, ad concept or ads.

iNET creative has dozens of mind traps and hooks. Duplicitous meanings and meanings left for the listener to decipher or wonder at. While these traps can get a listener stuck in a thought midstream over two, three, twenty exposures they force acceptance of the message and action. When they discover the hidden hooks listeners feel like insiders, part of the story and part of the brand.

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