Milwaukee Area Compensation Association

When MACA, Milwaukee Area Compensation Association, came to iNET, they had a typical second tier website – "The old website was very static. We used to have to do all our communication by e-mail. It was limited in look and appeal." Now that MACA has a Custom Creative Genius inspired website solution, they have a beautiful website with constantly updated content which gets regular positive feedback AND is #1 on Google for "Milwaukee compensation" without any search engine optimization effort!

The graphic design of the Milwaukee Area Compensation Association website is based on a strong backbone of Milwaukee area imagery, with pictures of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Botanical Gardens (another iNET Web client), and other Milwaukee landmarks forming the background of each webpage. The MACA site contains subtle graphic web design touches, like gentle gradients which fade separate parts of the website into a seamless whole, and make a very simple design look very professional. The Milwaukee Area Compensation Association gets frequent compliments from people who like the look of the website.

The most important website feature for the Milwaukee Area Compensation Association is the iNET proprietary, client-side website content management system, which allows MACA unlimited, instant updates to their website content without any waiting OR additional billing from iNET. MACA says the website is "Easy to change." Whenever they want to post the date of their next meeting, the minutes from their last meeting, the results of a recent human resources survey, or a new HR job posting for one of their member organizations, making the change is as quick and easy as sending an e-mail. For MACA, paying a Milwaukee web development company to make all these changes would simply not be an option. Their iNET website allows them to function more efficiently as an organization.

Another valuable feature of the MACA website is the custom, proprietary, search engine friendly website coding, which makes the website content easily accessible to search engines for indexing and classification. Content management tools from other Milwaukee website developers insert template code into the website, which makes website content difficult or impossible for search engines to read, and blacklists the website from achieving high rankings in organic search results, which drive 90% of search engine traffic. The search engine friendly website coding of the MACA website has them at #1 on Google for "Milwaukee compensation", without any additional search engine optimization (SEO) by iNET. Should Milwaukee Area Compensation Association choose to undergo an SEO campaign, the list of terms by which people find the website will grow, and the job postings, survey sales, and eventual site advertising will help the website to pay for itself.

If your Milwaukee company is looking for compensation ideas or information, head to the Milwaukee Area Compensation Association website to learn about the current best practices in human resources and compensation around Milwaukee Wisconsin. If your organization is looking for online communication, marketing, and dissemination tools with unmatched functionality and return on investment, head to iNET Web Waukesha, where websites work for YOU.

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