Lake Country Athletic Club

iNET’s creative genius inspired Milwaukee website designers created an eye-catching flash piece for Lake Country Athletic Club’s website homepage. The attention grabbing flash piece showcases LCAC’s great classes, services and programs using high quality, engaging imagery. iNET Web creative genius graphic designers focused the flash piece on the most popular classes offered by LCAC, making website viewers into new members. iNET Web creative genius Milwaukee website designers made sure the flash piece includes pictures of LCAC’s wide range of members, including individuals and families. LCAC’s high quality, professional fitness facility is also represented in this intriguing flash piece. Glossy 3D shaded images resolve themselves into a clickable list including topics like “Tennis”, “Group Training”, “Pilates”, and “Juniors”. Each list item includes detailed bullet points and a clickable “Learn More” feature, taking viewers to specific topic pages. LCAC’s iNET Web custom created vibrant, flowing flash piece attracts LCAC website visitors to stay and view the great services LCAC offers!

iNET Web’s Milwaukee graphic designers incorporated a brilliant website design featuring an LCAC tennis court action shot in the background. The action shot of LCAC tennis players shows off the great space offered for LCAC members, while conveying an instant message to viewers about the services offered by LCAC without using words. The website color scheme is composed of a visually appealing smooth blend of silvery white and slate blue. iNET Web Milwaukee graphic designers employed semi-transparent graphic layering, adding depth and subtle dynamics to the LCAC website.

iNET Web’s creative genius Milwaukee website designers graced LCAC’s website with superior website design and a professional, inviting, intimate, outgoing and friendly image. Pictures of the luxurious Lake Country Athletic Club facilities and classes are displayed throughout the website.  iNET Web creative genius web video developers added video advertising from real LCAC members, incorporating a training drill from the informative, personal LCAC tennis classes. These excellent details provided by iNET Web Milwaukee website designers inform viewers of the remarkable services made available through LCAC!

iNET Web creative genius graphic designers gave prime placement to LCAC’s free trial membership and 50% off membership deals on the LCAC homepage, accentuating the benefits LCAC proudly offers potential members! iNET Web Milwaukee graphic designers created a clickable link on every page, which automatically creates an email to the head of the topic. The ability to get in touch with masterful tennis teachers, personal trainers, massage artists, and physical therapists at the click of a button is an iNET Web creative genius inspired way of showing LCAC customers how committed LCAC is to customer satisfaction!

iNET Web creative genius didn’t stop there! iNET Web’s Milwaukee website developers created a superb, user friendly online contact form so website visitors can easily ask questions or make requests of LCAC professionals. iNET Web graphic designers enabled new LCAC members to register online, and ensured online brochures and class descriptions are available on every LCAC page, acting as a call to action for website viewers.

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Another great feature iNET Web offers our clients is the ability to edit their own websites. We believe you should have an easy method of updating your creative genius inspired website, keeping it current and relevant. iNET Web website developers custom created Genesis, our exclusive client-side content management system, enabling you to update information on deals, opportunities, classes, programs, and events! LCAC can edit any of their website’s great content, without ever paying sneaky update fees like they would have with their old, second-tier website developers. This is a great feature for LCAC especially because of their “Upcoming Events” section, where they keep website visitors up to date on LCAC news of all kinds!

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