Northland Dog Supply

As a new on line eCommerce company Northland Dog Supply had very little developed marketing. In the process of building a world class eCommerce website solution iNET developed the definitive graphic silhouette logo. Northland Dog Supply uses the graphic logo on their stationary, brochures, business card and all other marketing. The graphic design is simple yet perfectly definitive of what Northland Dog Supply does better than anyone. Northland Dog Supply did not want a repetitive multimedia graphic piece opening their site so that every time a dog supply shopper visited they would have to see the same complex image piece. While the web site is graphically appealing it is first and foremost about selling hunting dog and hunters supply products.

iNET search engine optimization has helped the site quickly generate a great deal of traffic. The site receives roughly 150 unique visitors every day. Northland Dog Supply has become a legitimate player in the eyes of the hunting dog supply industry in just months. Luke, one of the principals of Northland Dog Supply, has been approached by different manufactures asking him to carry their products because they like the look and feel of the including the way products are presented to the site viewer. Luke was even on the phone with the vice president of a dog supply manufacturing firm when she looked up her own product in a Google search to find Northland Dog Supply the number two website on Google after just a few minutes. The quick burst of market presence for the Northland Dog Supply web site has given a brand new upstart dog supply web store a legitimacy that was quickly recognized by important people in the dog supply industry. More than an immediate market presence the web site is gaining momentum reaching thousands of Internet shoppers searching for hunting dog supplies online.

Milwaukee Orange Hunting Jacket for Dogs from Northland Dog Supply is packed with features and functionality. A customer site edit area where the Northland Dog Supply staff can quickly add change and remove products is a must have feature that Luke has been using well.

With the Northland Dog Supply website only months old and generating sales at an increasing rate every month since going live there is no telling how profitable and large Northland Dog Supply will become. With an iNET Custom Creative Genius Inspired web site marketing solution this Southeastern Wisconsin hunting dog supplier has a leg up over all web competition in their industry. It will be interesting to watch and see if Northland Dog Supply becomes the dominant website store for hunting dog supplies in the world. With completed sales in New Zealand already they are well on the way!

If you are a dog lover take a look around the website, you may find the perfect hunting dog training device or hunting accessory or........

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