The Importance of Employee Profiles Online

The Easy Way to Introduce Your Company to Local Milwaukee Customers

Employee Profile TemplateFrom Facebook to LinkedIn, there are plenty of ways to connect with your customers online. An employee profile is one of many ways to increase your company’s internet presence. Unlike a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, having custom profiles hosted on your own website gives you complete control over what information gets shared. iNET Web is here to help you create customized employee profiles.

Why are employee profiles important? Potential customers want to know who they are doing business with, so they look for pictures. Connecting a name with a face has a psychological effect on people by making a random name into a real person. The more personable the profile, the higher chance of a lead or sale. This is especially true for doctors, dentists, and lawyers.

Get Creative with Corporate Communication

Your business website doesn’t have to be formal and stilted. Employee profiles are a way to creatively show off the human side of your company to the world. While it shouldn’t be as informal as a Facebook profile, it can be more relaxed than a LinkedIn account. Along with personal notes, an employee profile is the place to list qualifications, accreditations, and professional awards.

In B2B settings, profiles can act as icebreakers before attending important meetings. Rather than go into a meeting with no idea who you’re meeting, you can put a face to your contact’s name early. Does their profile say they enjoy kayaking? Maybe bring in your coworker who kayaks every weekend. Do they enjoy golf? Skip the boardroom altogether and invite them out for a round!

With employee profiles for everyone in the company, it’s easier for everyone to form personal connections when performing business.

Promote Internal Growth

Do you have satellite offices, freelance workers, or seasonal temps? Putting a face to a name will make it easier for your employees to get to know each other. An online employee directory will help everyone get introduced when they can’t meet face-to-face.

Expanding your business? Employee profiles will attract more prospective hires by giving job seekers a chance to see if they would fit in with the corporate culture. If they can’t see any employee profiles, they might not want to apply blind.

Make “About Me” All About Business

Use your profile to share your love for film noir, grunge music, or classical literature. But don’t forget you’re also promoting your company. In your personal profile, make sure to include:

  • Contact information: email and work phone or extension
  • Work hours and availability
  • Upcoming events, tradeshows, or seminars
  • Degrees or accreditations
  • Business awards or recognition

From an SEO perspective, employee profiles can increase traffic. For every tradeshow you attend, someone who looks you up after will see your polished profile rather than your personal Facebook account with those embarrassing pictures a friend tagged you in as a joke.

Milwaukee businesses turn to iNET to develop custom employee profiles for their websites. Each profile is a chance to share what makes your employees and company so great. We’ll even take the pictures for your profile image at our green screen studio!

Contact iNET Web today to create employee profiles for your Milwaukee business.

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