Dr. Traci Purath

Using soothing colors and large, easily legible fonts, Dr. Purath’s website communicates her own reassuring and calming approach. On the home page, visitors are greeted with a green screen walkout video of Dr. Purath introducing herself and briefly talking about her practice. Use of video on websites is a technique iNet has implemented for a number of clients with tremendous results. INet’s video production team shoots these videos in our own studio, keeping production costs affordable. There’s a pretty compelling case to be made for adding video to a website. Research shows website visitors will spend more time on sites offering video content. Clearly, anything a business can do to increase the time spent on their website is worth doing. There’s also lot to be said for making a personal appearance on your website. In Dr. Purath’s case, just giving potential patients the opportunity to know her a little through an online video is tremendously valuable for establishing initial trust.

Milwaukee website design and developmentAnother interesting feature of Dr. Purath’s website is the “Diagnosis Checker” on her home page. This interactive component presents visitors with a variety of common symptoms, lets them indicate which symptoms apply to them, and then allows them to automatically submit a profile of their symptoms for Dr. Purath to review prior to meeting or speaking on the phone. It’s a great way for both patient and Dr. Purath to save some time and be more focused in their conversation.

Milwaukee Copywriters and SEO Specialists Work Their Magic

Besides providing valuable information on a broad range of migraine-related issues, the site also has a section devoted to news peaking the interest of patients. With Dr. Purath’s input, INet’s Milwaukee copywriters regularly add articles to this section, keeping the content fresh. Search engines are increasingly focused on identifying quality websites with a steady stream of relevant, useful information for web users—and rewarding them with higher search rankings. It’s not enough anymore to just get a web site online. To establish and maintain high search engine rankings, businesses need a regular flow of fresh content to their sites. The web development team at iNet understands how critical this is and offers monthly SEO development, ensuring clients maximize return on their website investment.

Drtracipurath.com launched in October, 2013. In the first month alone, the site received thousands of visits. It didn’t take long for Dr. Purath’s site to start ranking highly in Google search results, either. In fact, the website is consistently on the first page of Google search results for a variety of search query terms relating to headache and migraine doctors in Milwaukee. Dr. Purath is particularly thrilled with the fact her site ranks #1 for “Top migraine specialist Wisconsin” and #2 for “Migraine specialist Wisconsin.” It doesn’t get much better than this!  Also of note, in the latest quarter (Jan. through March, 2014 at the time of this article), her website had over 400 visits to her contact page and over 1,000 visitors from organic search.

Dr. Purath chose iNET Web’s SEO, web design, and web development gurus to create an online portal for potential patients. With extensive knowledge and expertise in web marketing and SEO, iNET Web delivered stunning results and continues to positively impact Dr. Purath’s business. We can do the same for you. Trust iNET Web to take the headache out of getting a profit-generating website.

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