Average monthly searches in keyword planner: What you should know

By: Sara Derrico

2016 Update: the new keyword planner only gives "exact match" volumes. These new numbers seem to correlate with the old exact match volumes, if not a bit higher. The reality is it helps to think of keywords as keyword clusters and use autosuggest for evidence as to what the most popular variants are.  

Keywords are Key

When deciding on keywords for your web content, using different volume metrics can improve your target for precise words. iNET Web Milwaukee website SEO team has quickly realized the value of using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This is a great device to use when you’re deciding on those ever so important key words. Search engine optimization is one of iNET Web’s strategies in generating online profit. Below is an overview of the 3 different metrics which will help you choose effective keywords. Let us help you think like a “creative genius” and become one of the best!

Understanding One Metric at a Time

Keyword Tool

Broad search can be a combination of related words such as: the keyword, related grammatical forms, and synonyms. A broad search will contain all variations including “long tail” variations used in your search.

Broad Match Keywords

This default match type of “Broad” is referring to the number of searches which involve the phrase. Choosing the large volume from your broad match and finding the exact phrasing within will help in writing profitable website content. It does however have less utility and is mostly used for evaluation only. For example, when doing a broad search of the term “Milwaukee CPR Classes” it informs you the competition for this search is high and about 320 local searches are performed monthly. It will also include keywords like “infant cpr classes” or “cheap cpr classes”. These will give you an indication of everything out there which can promote you to refine your search.

Exact Match Keywords

Your second option is using the exact keyword phrasing. This type of metric is only the total number of searches for which exact phrase, giving you a feel for the traffic for a specific subject. If you’re looking for how many people search a specific keyword, stay with [Exact]. With an exact search, keyword “Milwaukee CPR Classes” has about 22 local monthly searches. It decreases your search type but strengthens the value.

Phrase Match Keywords

The other keyword volume metric type, “Phrase,” shows you keywords where the exact phrase of your keyword is used. This includes keywords where the term is used with other words within the phrase. Different pages will rank for a phrase match than a broad match. This option can be considered the middle ground between exact and broad.

iNET Web’s Milwaukee website developers recently benefited from using Google AdWords Keyword Tool first hand when we brought a local client, Healthline First Aid’s business to life. Collectively, our experts found value in their website content by using essential and effective keywords creating a profitable online marketing platform. “Healthline First Aid is now ranked very highly on Google when searches query “Milwaukee CPR Classes” and related variants.” By defining content properly using keyworded URLs, meta data, image names, image titles, link anchor text and link titles, we help google realize our content is an authoritative resource for the keyword.

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