American Dojo Family Martial Arts Academy

Waukesha website design includes “call to action”.The American Dojo website is one of the most graphically definitive martial arts websites you will ever see. The website pages have the texture and feel of ancient parchment, as if they contain martial arts secrets passed down for thousands of years. At the top of a website an intermittently spinning yin-yang symbol urges viewers to contact American Dojo for a free trial lesson. The background of the website is a series of alternating tan rays, subtly evocative of an old Japanese flag. The menu navigation is composed of a series of blue bars, which become black belts when you roll over them. In the upper right corner, a photo of Chief Master Dean Konley in a fighting stance is gracefully blended into the parchment background. This photo was taken during a training trip in Korea, adding a greater air of authenticity to the site. All the martial arts imagery in the website design is seamlessly combined to create the powerful impression of an authentic, top notch martial arts academy.

The American Dojo website wasn’t designed with only prospective students in mind; the site also contains some impressive design features which benefit current martial arts students and staff. American Dojo is able to add videos to many different parts of the website, including a password protected “members only” section in which students can watch instructional videos and download informational documents. American Dojo chooses to host their videos on YouTube; when a new video is added, they simply go into the back end management area of the website, type in the web address of the YouTube video in the place where they want it displayed, and it becomes automatically embedded into the webpage. American Dojo can edit and add content on all areas of the website through the iNET website content management system, which is unique in its ability to give clients site editing power without inserting template or junk code, impairing the website in search engine results.

The superior structure of the American Dojo iNET website, along with a moderate amount of search engine optimization has allowed American Dojo to jump to #1 for “martial arts dojo” and “martial arts Waukesha”, as well as securing first page placement for a wide range of terms like “martial arts Milwaukee”, jujitsu Milwaukee, tae kwon do Milwaukee, and many, many more. As American Dojo uses their website editing capabilities to keep content fresh, they will continue to climb up the search engine ranks to the top of all Milwaukee area martial arts related searches. When people find American Dojo after doing a search for “tae kwon do lessons in Waukesha WI” or any other term, they are instantly impressed with the website graphic imagery and quality of information available. Search engine delivered website visitors see animation enticing them to sign up for a free trial lesson. Site visitor’s go to the free trial page and enter their information. Once American Dojo has their information potential new clients are contacted to set up the free lesson. American Dojo can also include them in follow up e-mail marketing campaigns and promotions.

If you are interested in self defense, a fun way to stay fit, or an activity to build confidence and leadership skills in your children, check out the American Dojo website and sign up for a FREE lesson. For a free lesson in website profitability, call iNET Web today to set up a meeting. Once you have a creative genius inspired website graphical masterpiece sitting at the top of FREE search engine queries which drive 85% of all search engine traffic, your only regret will be that you didn’t come to iNET sooner.

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