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Being in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, Blueprint Solutions had no legitimate choice for even a second tier website developer. In Fond du Lac there are only a few template website developers to speak of and those Fond du Lac website designers are overcharging for profitless website solutions. Virtually every business has the goal of acquiring more paying customers. With a website that was nothing more than a demerit for potential customers, Scott Draves of Fond du Lac’s Blueprint Solutions was hopeful iNET would deliver the profitable new business iNET Web brags of delivering for every customer in our News Talk AM 1130 radio ads. While not located in Fond du Lac, iNET really is the best Fond du Lac Wisconsin website developer.

Website Published On 1/28/2009

Web Design Fondulac Blueprint CompanyScott Draves, owner of Blueprint Solutions says of his new, iNET Custom Creative Genius inspired, built for profitability website and the iNET web development experience, “Before we came to iNET, our website was doing absolutely nothing for Blueprint Solutions. We were actually kind of embarrassed directing customers to it for information about our business. Now our website is generating about 5-10 "new" or "potential" customers per month as well as providing up-to-date information for existing customers since we can update the content on a daily basis if needed. We have received great feedback about the overall design of the website. The ease of navigation, concise content, color scheme, and "vintage" look and feel truly complement each other. I personally have two favorite things about it. First and foremost is that, by utilizing SiteEdit, I can update the website content anytime (and from anywhere) I want to. I don't need to waste time marking something up, sending it to someone else, waiting for them to change a few lines of text or to add a picture. I can do it myself and see the results instantly. That in itself sold me to use iNET for our new website re-development. Second, I really love the Splash page! It provides an opening glimpse of what a customer is going to find on the inside. The website development process, although very thorough, was extremely simple. And we really enjoyed collaborating with Brandon on the design, development, and finished product stages. It was truly a pleasure working with the entire iNET staff.”

Blueprint Solutions conceptualized a splash page graphically representing a plane flying across the country to Wisconsin then zooming in on a map program to Fond du Lac until finally it resolves to the Blueprint Solutions storefront, and iNET brought it to life. As the entertaining graphic welcome piece resolves, the customer is invited into the website. When Scott came to iNET, he was hoping the iNET radio ads he heard were real. Could a Fond du Lac business have a cutting edge website design with appealing graphic design at the top of free search engine queries where profitable new business comes from on the web? The answer with iNET is unequivocally YES. Fond du Lac businesses can have profit generating websites.

The key to success for the Blueprint Solutions Fond du Lac website profitability is being at the top of free search engines for the broadest spectrum of terms defining the wide format printing industry in relation to Fond du Lac. As with every other iNET customer, the top of free search engines is delivering results. For terms like ‘large format printing Fond du Lac’ the Blueprint Solutions website is number one. Like Scott said the site was doing, "NOTHING”"before iNET and is now generating, "5 to 10" new sales leads a month. When you consider the economy is grinding and Blueprint Solutions is now reaching 5-10 new customers a month with their Fond du Lac website that they were not reaching before. Results like this can be the difference between success and failure for some businesses.

If you are in Fond du Lac or really anywhere in the Fox River Valley and beyond, Blueprint Solutions is the best choice you can make for local service and support of all your printing needs. If you would like a web marketing platform for your Fond du Lac business that literally acts as a license to print money, contact iNET Web today.
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