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These are all actual, verbatim reviews from real iNET clients. Unlike other Milwaukee website designers, we'll put you directly in touch with our clients so you can learn about profit-generating web development from real business owners. You'll talk with a handful of similarly situated entrepreneurs who made money with a creative genius inspired online marketing platform. You'll call them and ask them anything you want. After your research, we'll offer you another list of clients. And another. And another.

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If I didn't have iNET develop my website and marketing, Infinity Exteriors would not be as successful or growing as fast.
We have grown from two to twenty employees because of the business mentoring and marketing iNET does. I am extremely confident for the future of MUDTeCH because we have iNET in our corner
Welders Supply Company
Right now we are selling half a million dollars per month AND that doesn't include the people who pick up the phone after finding welder

Infinity Roofing

“If I didn't have iNET develop my website and marketing, Infinity Exteriors would not be as successful or growing as fast. I'm telling you one business owner to another; the shortest path from where you are now to increase sales and profitability is iNET website and iNET marketing.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend INET to my closest friends!”

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Mud Tech

“We have grown from two to twenty employees because of the business mentoring and marketing iNET does. I am extremely confident for the future of MUDTeCH because we have iNET in our corner”

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Welders Supply Company

Welder Supply Company

“The site was consistently selling less than a thousand dollars every month. Since iNET started working to win on search engines sales continually increase. Right now we are selling half a million dollars per month AND that doesn't include the people who pick up the phone after finding welder It's literally having the income of a branch office without overhead. It's incredible.”

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Dornbrook Construction

"iNET has been instrumental in the recent success of my business. All the way from a kick ass website to unbelievable radio ads."

"We topped last year’s sales by a significant margin and are looking to beat them again in 2016."

"I have invested a significant amount of money in new equipment and equipment upgrades. We are also in the process of hiring 4 more employees."

"Greg Byers has done a great job at building the relationship with Dornbrook Construction, along with giving us the guidance we need to grow. He is always willing to go above and beyond for me. For example, I recently called Greg because I was having a WiFi issue with Time Warner for over 6 months and he literally figured out what the problem was in 5 minutes. Time Warner couldn’t figure it out in 6 months."

"I also recently purchased a computer from iNET and could not be happier with it. Greg sold me a computer with exactly what I needed. Andrew, one of iNET’s technicians, did a fantastic job of setting it up for me and making sure I was back up and running without missing a beat."

"The overall experience with iNET in the last two years has been great. My business is headed in a direction that I couldn’t be more excited about."

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Utility Equipment Parts

"The SEO is really working. We're getting calls all the time, and I just got a $39,000 order for HI-Ranger parts. This could be big enough to increase the discount they're giving me. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you're doing."

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Quality Heating

"If you want to grow your business and need new customers, I recommend calling iNET"

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Integrated College Planning LLC

“If you want to grow your business I highly recommend you call iNET.”

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B&M Auto Parts

"We own a small company here in Waukesha, we had a outdated computer website, outdated computers, the works.... just needed a uplift if you could say. Walked in, and before you knew it had help as if they knew i was coming. Worked with them fast and thorough, now we have a fully functional site that is getting hits like crazy... and computers that are fast and can processes the orders as quick as they are coming in! thanks iNet! Your friends at B and M Auto Sales and Parts INC. 800-236-2301 "

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Milwaukee Signs

“Hiring iNET to do my website was one of the best business decisions I have ever made and the best marketing decision I have ever made.”

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Healthline FirstAid

"After starting my business in April 2012, I had to decide between "making" a template website for myself or having someone else do it for me. For a brand new, very small business, having iNET design my website meant spending money,. Looking back, choosing to work with iNET was THE defining moment for my business...and profitability is not just a word any more, it's reality!" -Andy

The best choice for your business would be to call iNET.

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BGS Glass Service, LLC

“We are doing awesome! I can’t believe how many leads we are getting. Within the 3 weeks the site has been live, we have already received 12 new leads. Our Yellow Pages ad has been up for over a year and we’ve only seen 1 lead from it.”

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"iNET took over our website a year ago ( They rewrote all our material plus new material with search engine optimization in mind. And boy has it paid off! Our representation on the search engines is amazing! They also help keep the website fresh with prompting us for new information and offering ideas and suggestions. Plus, their customer service is topnotch. I have always felt well taken care off and they are always willing to answer all my many questions (no matter how basic or idiotic they may seem). Thank you iNET!!‎"

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Badger Electric Motor

If you have the chance try them. It will be the best thing that ever happened to you and your business.

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Storage Shed Wisconsin

"Never in my life had so many storage sheds to build. I never realized how much the market I was missing by not having a website. We’re getting customers all over from Illinois to West Bend to Slinger and everywhere in between. So many comments about the website- all the information they need is right on the website. Very professional and easy to navigate." – Tom

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Knight Plumbing

"HOLY CRAP!! I made more in one week than I normally do in a month! The website is the best money I every spent! The leads from the website are more qualified and easier to sell. For the first time EVER I actually had to turn business away and hire on contractors to handle all the work"

A More Formal KnightPlumbingInc Review

"They made promises and kept every one of them. The design is great, the response from our clients has been very positive, and we're on that front page of Google for specific searches. We became nervous for a while after spending the money and not getting to the front page right away. But Eric explained how the whole thing works. Every thing he said about other sites in front of us and how far our site would move up came true. His constant callbacks and little tips he gives us, ongoing, make the service at inet the best we've ever experienced. Will absolutely recommend to everyone."

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BrassReload Review

"Thanks for the great service, our sales are through the roof!!!"

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AJ Enterprises

"I'm pretty damn happy, very impressed. I couldn't talk you guys up enough. I would tell anyone if they want to get more business, come to iNET because I'm getting business and it's only been a month. It's the most terrible time in 30 years for this industry and the phone's ringing where it wasn't before. You can't put a value on that. The right phone call could keep you in business for a year, so you can't put a value on that. When I do searches on Google, the website's on the first page for every little term I can think of. I can't say enough about what you guys have done."

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Google Review - Stacy

"We highly recommend iNET for your website needs! We own two companies and iNET created a website for one of our companies and then we went back to have them create one for our other company because we were so pleased with the outcome. The websites iNET created for us have been great investments! Our websites are spectacular, the design and detail really represent our companies and have had a positive impact on our business! As soon as we met the iNET crew their personalities screamed creativity and we knew we had to have them create our sites! These guys are nothing short of the best!"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By stacy - Jul 6, 2010

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Google Review

"Our company first approached iNET approximately 8 years ago when we needed to replace our outdated PC network. We were impressed with Steve's ability to quickly determine what we needed and get 17 PCs built and delivered in a timely fashion at a competitive price with a 3 year warranty. Since then, we have trusted iNET to host our website and email and within the last year we hired the "creative genius" to revamp our website. Eric and Steve came to our office to meet head on with our pay-per-click phone book reps and blew them away. We now enjoy very high placement on major search engines through iNET's search engine optimization abilities, at a fraction of our former yellow pages budget. So whether its hardware, email or website optimization, we highly recommend iNET!"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By service - Jun 24, 2010

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Google Review - Knight Plumbing Inc.

"In an effort to increase the number of new clients we received from the internet we decided to have iNET redo our web site. They made promises and kept every one of them. The design is great, the response from our clients has been very positive, and we're on that front page of Google for specific searches. We became nervous for a while after spending the money and not getting to the front page right away. But Eric explained how the whole thing works. Everything he said about other sites in front of us and how far our site would move up came true. His constant callbacks and little tips he gives us, ongoing, make the service at iNET the best we've ever experienced. Will absolutely recommend to everyone."

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By knightplumbinginc - Jun 21, 2010

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Google Review - Paul

"iNET knows their sh*t! Spend 5 minutes with them and if you don't drop any notion you have that you can build your website yourself with the same effect or you should use whoever the other company you're talking to is, I'll eat my bytes. I spend a lot of time trying to stay on the cutting edge but iNET takes me to the bleeding edge of internet marketing without paying for ads. Their new website with the video in the background - they invented it! That hooked me six months when we got started with our new site - they're now on a monthly retainer for SEO and we are very, very happy. They help when they need to and don't nickel and dime you. Steve the owner is a dense compressed mass of exploding genius in repeat mode and everyone down the line knows their business and the goal - which is to make me money."

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Paul - Jun 8, 2010

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Google Review - scotta.d

"I had iNET create a new custom website for our business a few years ago and continue to be extremely satisfied with the prompt, courteous, and reliable customer service that my business receives from the entire staff. Together, we started from sketches on notepads and napkins and developed a very successful website that has continued to generate several new customers per month. During the process, Josh and Brandon were very patient with my constant questions and never-ending revisions. And the cost of the final package was well within what other website development companies charge. Although we have SEO on our website, I am not really concerned about that, the good customers will and do continue to find us online everyday and it has increased our revenues dramatically. With our website, we have been able to reach markets that were simply unattainable with our previous website, yellow pages advertising, or direct mail marketing. One of the most important tools for me was the ability to edit my own site whenever and from wherever I wanted to... by myself and with ease. That is what the SiteEdit program provides and was the final determining factor for working with iNET. I highly recommend them for your future website development needs!"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By scotta.d - Apr 28, 2010

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Google Review - ryanf

"Working with iNET has been a wonderful experience for my company. Aside from a wonderful design, iNET has offered many solutions that makes operations easy for us and our clients. Everyone who has visited our site is impressed with how well it is put together. We have made several sales because of what iNET has helped us build. They saw our vision, captured it, and made it a reality. I was also impressed with the services and the costs that go along with them. I did a lot of research with other companies and iNET is best bang for your dollar. I remember when we first designed the website, I was impressed from the first sample. When I was told by iNET that they guarantee that our company would be in the top two in google searches by growing my website organically I was skeptical, but for over a year now we have been in the top two for our desired key words and that has helped our business out a lot. We have also discussed options for the future that can improve what is already great. I am very thankful for all they have done and look forward to working with them in the future on all of my website needs!"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By ryanf - Apr 21, 2010

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Google Review - dodgetruk

"We have had a website for about 12 years. We saw very moderate results and knew that were having to drive traffic to our site via advertising, etc. Since our site was redone by iNET, more and more customers find us via search engine. We consistently come up in the top listings for the services we provide. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone (except my competitors) for a remake of a website."

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By dodgetruk - Mar 30, 2010

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Google Review - Chad

"Last year iNET designed a website for my business. They have done a fantastic job. Their designers listened to our needs and designed a very professional website. They have offered great service and have worked with me to make changes as needed. I would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking for a website that was professional and easily edited.‎"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By chad - Mar 29, 2010

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Google Review - Clint (Mud Tech)

"I had been operating my business successfully for 4 summers. Before the 2009 season began, I was out late at night snowplowing, listening to the radio. After listening to several of iNET's creative commercials, my business partner and I decided to give them a call. We had always wanted to do more internet advertising but had no idea where to start. We were completely confused about websites and how they worked. Over the years of being in business we heard so many "options" for web marketing. Sometimes people would call us from a foreign country, like India, trying to get us to send them a check, and they would in turn build us a website. Then the phone books we advertised in were constantly pressuring us to buy their space on the web because they claimed to have connections to Google, but paying per click just sounded like a really bad idea. We thought if one of our competitors found out we had pay per click, they could run up a huge bill for us, and we'd get nothing from it. My business partner and I had become quite skeptical of "web designers" after seeing how shady some of them operate.

So after hearing iNET's commercials saying how they won't set us up with pay per click or loose our credit card number, we decided to at least see what they had to say. From the very first phone call to iNET, it just seemed more comfortable than the other web places. They set up a time with us on OUR schedule, and we met quite early in the morning. We brought one of our best friends to the meeting because he could give us an outside opinion. We expected some kind of slick talking salesman to meet us. Instead, iNET sets up their potential clients with one rep, but at the first initial meeting with iNET, the owner comes in to the meeting as well and answers questions himself. Our meeting with iNET was very impressive. Between the owner and the rep we still have today, they answered all of our questions and told us why they can get us up on Googles list, when the pay per clicks can't. Their knowledge of the internet was staggering. Nobody had ever given us such an in-depth understanding of how the internet works. We were accustomed to the "buy it 'cause I said so" routine. iNET had no "routine" and no pressure, just facts. After the meeting, and getting a quote from iNET we did not feel like we just wasted our time. It seemed like they wanted us to know everything before making a decision and giving them our hard earned money. After careful review and seeing how much money we had dumped into phone books over the years, we decided to have iNET build our website using the proven methods they told us about during the meeting.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Clint - Mar 29, 2010

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Google Review - Katie

"I would highly recommend iNET for anybody looking to build a professional, well designed website that does exactly what it's supposed to do with a great support staff to back it up. Their level of total ownership and communication (through both telephone and email), as well as their heartfelt care and concern for us as clients is the “extra” that takes iNET from the realm of “ordinary” and makes you “extraordinary” in a day and time when the client comes first has been long forgotten. Their quick response time, availability and constant feedback gave us the trust and assurance we needed. We received weekly and daily updates on progress and timelines. iNET was continually adaptive and intuitive in response to the nature of our field. Through high intellect and creativity, they were able to build us a site that was highly sophisticated and progressive. Thank you, iNET for a job well done."

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Katie - Mar 26, 2010

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Google - Josh (Infinity Exteriors)

"I own a local construction company... and so you can tell this is a REAL review my name is Josh Sparks and my company is Infinity Exteriors. About 3 years ago I spent the better part of two weeks over the winter building my own template website. Two years and not a single lead later I decided to have a professional build one for me. I contacted four of the leading web builders including iNET-Web. iNET's proposal was the most comprehensive and the most cost effective so I chose them. The owner can be somewhat of a wild man so when he PROMISED me #1 organic search on Google or my money back I thought he was joking. Well... he wasn't. Not but 3 months after my website went live we were #1 on most of my search terms. Check yourself on google for "Waukesha roofing contractor." The entire staff was great to work with and very flexible to my time frame. I would not hesitate to recommend iNET to my closest friends!"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Josh - Mar 25, 2010

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Google Review - Gretchen

"I am in a young professional in a creative industry so I needed a website that would represent my style, my attention to detail, and the uniqueness of the service/product that I offer. I also wanted it to be completely different than any of my competition's - hand built, hand-designed, not your usual template. I have had a fabulous experience with iNET from the start. Their customer service is fabulous - you can tell they love their job and care about people and making people's dreams a reality through their hard work to bring you web-generated profits. I made a rough sketch of an idea I had for the website to look like, and iNET's designers brought it to life in ways even more creative than I had imagined. Since the website went live a year ago, I have had tons of web-generated leads and increased profits, giving me an early success that I am confident would not have been the case without iNET. Not only that, but I get compliments from nearly every client that they love my website and how it really stands above the competition. My investment in the website was returned within the first month of it going live!! I would recommend iNET to anyone."

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Gretchen - Mar 24, 2010

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Creative is an intangible. There aren’t many great creatives in radio. In branding there are less. In strategizing there are even less. Most companies have no BRAND. The products and services are amazing, the businesses are often brilliant. There is just nothing for consumers to grab and buckle themselves into. The web sites are also no influence in creating the brand, brand strategy, ad concept or ads.

iNET creative has dozens of mind traps and hooks. Duplicitous meanings and meanings left for the listener to decipher or wonder at. While these traps can get a listener stuck in a thought midstream over two, three, twenty exposures they force acceptance of the message and action. When they discover the hidden hooks listeners feel like insiders, part of the story and part of the brand.