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Meet the Milwaukee Web Developer Geniuses of iNET Web

At iNET, we feel great gratitude our one website development company should be so endowed by our creator. This said; terrible ENIUS envy is running rampant as a direct result of these spectacles of website design, feature and functionality, these peddlers of profitability, these- these-these Creative Geniuses!

Even though everyone is not listed here and iNET Web is in a continual state of growth, this is a glimpse of the special people who make iNET the premiere Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin based website development firm, at par with the greatest website development companies in the world. Why then? WHY? are these prodigy web developers scorned in the Milwaukee web development industry by wannabe web dude, second rate competitors? WHY??!!!

We have thought long and hard about it coming to the conclusion that it is ENIUS envy. Really, creative gENIUS envy. These sassy lads and lasses impart creative genius, building websites so visually appealing, so perfectly definitive of your products and your services, making YOU money. Who would have thunk it? The super star website development firm insulating companies from economic downturns and seasonal business slowdowns by earning those companies increased market share and increased profitability are real human beings?! The wannabes were certain INET was composed entirely of website developer cyborgs. Sorry to burst you bubble lil fella. MEOW!

Evan LaHaye

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