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Helping Wisconsin students gain a real education through online schooling is the goal of eAchieve Academy, and iNET-Web has designed a beautiful new, easy-to-use website for them to enroll more students than ever before.
Waukesha online charter school succeeds with iNET's internet marketing and website design and development
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Waukesha web marketing for eAchieve Academy Waukesha web marketing for eAchieve Academy

eAchieve Academy-

eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s leading online school serving students in grades K-12. Operated by Rick Nettesheim and the school District of Waukesha, eAchieve Academy is a tuition-free virtual public charter school with a fully-integrated online curriculum that has obtained support from many Wisconsin-certified teachers. This online school offers core, Honors, AP and elective classes for students of all ages, and it even includes special needs options for students who need a little extra help. Thanks to eAchieve's students consistently getting high test scores, their academy is the only virtual charter school in the United States to be included on a national news magazine’s list of the top high schools in America.

Website Dilemmas-

When classes are entirely done online, it’s vitally important that the layout of the website is user-friendly. However, eAchieve’s original website format wasn’t as optimized as it could have been, and no SEO meant the site wasn’t ranking on Google search engines. As a result, fewer people were able to reach the website, and fewer students registered for online courses.

Technology Implemented-

Responsive Technology – Search Engine Optimization  – Professional Copywriting – CSS – HTML


Since iNET implemented the new eAchieve Academy site in early 2015, registration for their site has increased exponentially. January and September have always been the most important months for enrollment for eAchieve, and with the help of iNET’s professional SEO and copywriting team, their website is gaining a year-over-year upward trend. With our continued help, eAchieve Academy is sure to enroll even more students hoping to gain a better education through online learning.

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