1st U.S. R/C Flight School

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RC Flight School’s website is fully responsive. Potential pilots can enroll using smart phones, tablets, and computers.


iNET SEO helps R/C pilots of all skill levels find the RC Flight School website and get enrolled for classes.


All of the courses offered by RC Flight School needed descriptions to describe what the lessons covered.

Custom Programming

iNET programmed custom ecommerce features on the site so aspiring R/C pilots can select and pay for flight training courses online. A matching Course Calendar was designed to streamline the signup process.

Milwaukee web marketing for 1st U.S. R/C Flight School Milwaukee web marketing for 1st U.S. R/C Flight School


An exciting new school has just taken off and is taking Wisconsin’s R/C model aircraft enthusiasts to a whole new altitude. Located in northern Wisconsin, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School provides a safe and exciting environment for students of all skill levels to learn R/C acrobatics.

The principle emphasis of the training is a hands-on flight experience with a top flight instructor, Dave Scott. With a 98% solo success rate and 100% of aerobatic students achieving in days what often takes years, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School is THE school for serious enthusiasts.

Website Dilemmas

In order for 1st U.S. R/C Flight School to successfully train hobbyists of all ages, they needed a website to demonstrate why their training is far more effective than any other method. Enter iNET Web.

Technology Implemented

Responsive Design – CSS – Layout Design – Copy Writing – SEO Optimization


Given the market of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School, iNET Web knew they needed to build a website that could be seen anywhere and from any device. iNET Web developed a mobile responsive site that displays perfectly on any mobile device, and thanks to iNET Web’s top-gun SEO team, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School's website quickly soared to the top of search engine rankings for all the search queries prospective use when looking to learn how to fly model airplanes.

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