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Having a Website Makes the Challenge of Church Growth So Much Easier

Religious and spiritual organizations in Wisconsin face a unique obstacle when it comes to increasing membership. Previously successful marketing methods churches have used, such as greeting cards, road signs and newspaper ads, are being forced into retirement as the Internet has grown to play a larger role in society. Attendance is down, giving is down and the future seems uncertain. Reach Right Studios recently reported on the current state of churches across the country while covering important statistics, such as:

Web Development Plays an Important Part in Successful Church Growth

  • Baptist church attendance has grown by 21.5% in the last 5 years
  • Only 28% of people ages 23 - 37 attend church services
  • 57% of millennials who grew up in churches are leaving
  • 70% of non-profits see improved charitable donations with online giving tools
  • 85% of churches in the US are declining

Everyone knows the younger generation isn't prioritizing church attendance the same way their parents did and there isn't a single church-goer who hasn't been a part of the "bringing technology into worship" debate. The statistics have been here for years and if you want your church's legacy to survive, its time to take action. Change can be difficult to adjust to, but once you understand the role marketing plays in achieving church growth, its easy to make the switch.


Church site visitors finding website through organic searches.
People in Wisconsin who affiliate with an organized religious group.
The number of non-church-goers visiting church websites yearly.
The number of church donors over 66 giving on church websites.
Nonprofits saying their website is the most important tool for outreach.
Internet users citing website design as the reason they choose an organization.

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Church Growth StrategiesFind a Balance for Your Marketing Campaign

iNET Web Combines Your Spiritual Beliefs & Church Growth Targets for a Perfect Collaboration

Marketing a church off and online has become an essential factor in increasing membership. While developing your organization's outreach strategy, we keep in mind the community you're creating and the main purpose your group seeks to fulfill. We've worked with a number of spiritual and religious non-profits, including:

  • Catholic Churches
  • Christian Churches
  • Baptist Churches
  • Episcopalian Churches
  • Lutheran Churches
  • Methodist Churches
  • Pentecostal Churches
  • Presbyterian Churches

How it Works

We start all church growth projects with basic keyword research. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best first step you can take for your site. Not only does it help you find the exact terms churchgoers and visitors around the area are searching, but you can find valuable related terms to incorporate into the website. SEO for churches in Wisconsin starts with the basics: your location and when you provide services: 

Church SEO Services in Wisconsin

Church SEO Wisconsin

If you break down the SEO research above, its clear your church content should be targeting Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha churchgoers long before you put your focus on Watertown, Wauwatosa or West Bend. Even building a page on your site targeting the keyword "local churches Wisconsin" has a good chance of ranking on the first page when you have an experienced and talented SEO specialist building out your website. When you seek out church growth strategies with iNET Web, we handle the technical aspects of marketing while you continue spreading your message and maintaining your community.

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